Can’t Catch Them All (Yet) in Japan!!!! Guesses on Where Pokemon Might Appear When Pokemon GO is Released!

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Can’t Catch Them All (Yet) in Japan!!!! Guesses on Where Pokemon Might Appear When Pokemon GO is Released!

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As “Pokémon Go”, GPS based augmented reality mobile game about catching Pokémon is causing a buzz around the world after being released in U.S, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Germany, it has taken a surprisingly long time for it to be released in Japan!!

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But! Good news! According to a Tweet by Takeshi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal,  who knows people familiar with plans for the game, Pokémon Go will finally be released in Japan as of mid-July 2016! Yay!

About the reasons of not releasing at the same time globally, Business Insider says that they need to fix the server capacity due to unexpected heavy accesses. Not only Japan, Wall Street Journal reports that Pokémon Go will be launching in Asia and Europe within “few days”, on July 11th.

As it WILL be released soon in Japan, let us expect which Pokémon will be appearing in which places in Japan! We cannot wait for the release of Japanese version, and this article is the result of TGU staff’ expectations (and some hopes!).

1. Magikarp at Nagoya Castle in Nagoya, Aichi 


As Magikarp is known as “Koiking” in Japanese (Pokémon’s Japanese name and international name is totally different). Although “Koi” means carp, however, it looks like “Syachihoko”, mythical sea creatures “golden dolphins” which are placed on the roof of Nagoya Castle!



2. Lapras at Lake Biwa (Biwako), Shiga


Lake Biwa located in Shiga prefecture is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. It might sound too simple minded, however we want to meet Lapras there, one of the classic legendary Pokémon!

pokemon-go-japan-expectations-18 pokemon-go-japan-expectations-22


3. Genger at Aoyama Cemetery (Aoyama Reien) , Tokyo 


It is a weird way of saying, but Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo is one of the popular cemeteries in Japan and it’s very competitive to reserve your grave. The reason of the popularity is that Aoyama is a really fashionable and cool area in Japan, and many legendary politicians and soldiers from Meiji era are entombed at the cemetery. In addition, it is around 260,000㎡ large. So when people in Tokyo think of “cemetery”, Aoyama Cemetery is the first one to come up with in their mind. That’s why we guess Genger might appear there!



4. Moltres at Sakurajima, Kagoshima 


As Moltres is super rare Pokémon, it shouldn’t be able to find so easily. Sakurajima, is one of the active volcanos in Japan, erupting repeatedly during recent years. When it erupts, volcanic ash from Sakurajima annoys people living in that area. Thus, going to Sakurajima is little bit risky and tough, so it is enough rare to find Moltres somewhere in Sakurajima!


When it erupts…



5. Ho-Oh at Five-storied Pagoda at Horyuji, Nara 


Ho-Oh appeaed Pokémon Gold and Silver for the first time, and it is super rare Pokémon that you only can find one in a story. In the game, Ho-Oh appears at Tin Tower, and this tower is said to be inspired by the Five-storied Pagoda at Horyuji in Nara.


You can visit this place by taking a bus from Nara station, but just going there won’t mean finding Ho-Oh. Probably you will need some special items, such as rainbow feather.


6. Lugia at Awaji Island, Hyogo 


One of the dungeons named Whirl Islands, “Uzumaki-jima” in Japanese”, is said to be inspired by Naruto whirlpools, tidal whirlpools in the Naruto Strait, a channel between Naruto in Tokushima and Awaji Island in Hyogo.

Awaji-jima over the bridge

Awaji-jima over the bridge

There is an uzushio Whirlpools cruise for sightseeing, and spring and autumn are the best seasons to see them. How exciting if we could find Lugia at the place which is said to have given a strong impact in making Whirl Island!




7. Sceptile at Aokigahara Jukai, Yamanashi


The Japanese name of Sceptile is “Jukain” which implies “Jukai”. Jukai is a vast field, and the best known Jukai in Japan is Aokigahara Jukai located in Yamanashi that is around 3,000ha large.


It is said that you cannot use compasses in the field, and the forest is deep and filled with trees, so it must be very difficult to find Sceptile there. This Jukai is also known as the most famous suicide spot in Japan, so as happened in US, you might find something you don’t want to accidentally…


8. (A lot of ) Cloyster, Hiroshima 


Hiroshima is #1 place for production of oysters in Japan, that’s the only reason we guess we will be able to meet a lot of Cloyster in Hiroshima! Yes, this is also very simple idea! Please do not try to eat yours!


Oysters from Hiroshima!


9. Sandshrew and Sandslash at Tottori Sand Dunes, Tottori 

pokemon-go-japan-expectations-04 pokemon-go-japan-expectations-05

Tottori Sand Dunes are the largest sand dunes in Japan and Tottori’s most famous tourist attraction. You can find Sandshrew and Sandslash in the beginning of Pokémon red and green in the game, so it won’t be that difficult to find them if you go Tottori Sand Dunes! It must be so cute to see a flock of Sandshrew and Sandslash!



10. Articuon at Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

pokemon-go-japan-expectations-06Articuon, known as “Freezer” in Japanese, is one of the legendary Pokémon, so it should be so hard to catch. It is a bird Pokémon that can control ice by flapping its wings and chills the air. Therefore Articuon should be somewhere very cold and difficult to approach. That’s Rishiri Island located off the coast of Hokkaido!

pokemon-go-japan-expectations-21 pokemon-go-japan-expectations-17


These are just our guesses as we were going crazy waiting for Pokemon GO to come to Japan, so no one knows what will happen! However as Pokémon is originally born in Japan and many characters are inspired by real architecture, places, and things in Japan,  it will be fun if the places you can find Pokémon at are related somehow!

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