Details of Shiina Pikarin’s New Single “Makai Shinjuu/MITSU TO BATSU” Revealed!

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Details of Shiina Pikarin’s  New Single “Makai Shinjuu/MITSU TO BATSU” Revealed!

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Shiina Pikarin surprised the “Makaijin” (fans) who gathered to watch her in-store live at Tower Records Shibuya on April 9, 2016 when she announced details of her next single, “Makai Shinjuu/MITSU TO BATSU” (release date: May 3) which would be released on her new records label FORCE MUSIC!

Continuing on from her previous releases, Kenta Matsukuma (BiS, BiSH, Shoko Nakagawa, PiiiiiiiN) would also be sound producing Pikarin’s new single. “Makai Shinjuu” was composed by Kazuki Sato and the lyrics were written by Pikarin, her first effort at writing lyrics despite having an active interest since elementary school. “MITSU TO BATSU” was composed by Keita Tanaka with lyrics written by Junnosuke Watanabe (BiS, BiSH, POP, BILLIE IDLE®).

“Makai Shinjuu/MITSU TO BATSU” will be released in 5 different versions showing off the different sides of Pikarin’s personality which she must have developed over her 21,000 years living in the demon world before coming to the human world to become a Popteen model, design clothes, and enslave mortals with her music.

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