AKB48 Haruna Kojima Turns Pretty Sexy Guardian Sailor Moon!!

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AKB48 Haruna Kojima Turns Pretty Sexy Guardian Sailor Moon!!

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As we have introduced few days ago, the second series of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon lingerie will be released in collaboration with the Japanese lingerie brand “PEACH JOHN”.
(Read the last article here )

And this time, as the additional information, it has revealed that AKB48 Haruna Kojima appears in Pretty (and Sexy) Guardian Sailor Moon for the advertisement!!


Sailor Pluto


Princess Serenity


Sailor Scouts


Black Lady

Haruna Kojima says herself as a big fan of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, so it’s a dream collaboration for her! Only 5 pictures has unveiled yet though there are 10 more other designs, but in other words, we can expect more pictures will be appearing soon!

The preorders starts on 13:00, September 19 (JST) at PEACH JOHN Webstore and Premium BANDAI Webstore (Links are below). However, this is very very unfortunate though, they offer no international shipment. We’ll appeal to people at PEACH JOHN for international shipment for next series if most of the readers really want to buy them!!

Preorders Here
PEACH JOHN Webstore :
Premium BANDAI Webstore :

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