PASSPO☆ Reveal a Full Menu For Their 5th Album “Beef or Chicken?”!

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PASSPO☆ Reveal a Full Menu For Their 5th Album “Beef or Chicken?”!

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Attention please! Flight attendant-themed girls rock unit PASSPO☆ has disclosed the contents and artwork for their upcoming 5th album “Beef or Chicken?” (release date: May 13).

For this album, PASSPO☆ has mentioned that the theme would be more “American” sounding, which is reflected in their uniforms that resemble those worn by waitresses in an old-fashioned diner or drive-in. Several of the members have written lyrics for the songs on the album: Sako Makita (“Not in theory”), Mio Masui (“Heaven’s Burger”), Naomi Anzai (“High Tension Emotion”), and Ai Negishi (“YOU”). This is the first CD where the members of PASSPO☆ have been so deeply involved in the creative process. There will be 8 new songs on “Beef or Chicken?” as well as 4 songs from the singles “Perfect Sky” and “Himawari” which were released since their last album “JEJEJEJET!!” (release date: December 11, 2012).

“Beef or Chicken?” will be released in 4 different versions. The “First Class” (limited edition) version includes a bonus track “Hacchake Sensation” which has been preformed live by the Hacchake-tai, a group made up of Shiori Mori, Naomi Anzai, Yukimi Fujimoto, and Natsumi Iwamura as well as a DVD with the MV for “HONEY DISH”, one of the new songs on the album. The “Economy Class” (regular) version is CD-only with the same contents as the “First Class” with the exception of the bonus track. The “Low Cost Carrier” (LCC) versions (“Peach” and “Vanilla”) include only the new songs and have special “in-flight audio program” tracks (“Peach”: Ai Negishi, Sako Makita, Shiori Mori, Yukimi Fujimoto and “Vanilla”: Anna Tamai, Mio Masui, Naomi Anzai, Natsumi Iwamura) opening and closing the albums.

There have been many changes to PASSPO☆ in 2015 so it will be interesting to see what kind of album “Beef or Chicken?” will be. Starting with the graduation of Makoto Okunaka on New Year’s Day, there was the recent announcement of Sako Makita taking an indefinite hiatus from stage performances after their current tour finale for “PASSPO☆ One-Man Flight Tour 2015 ~More Attention~” on May 31st. If that was not enough, there is also this video mentioning a new project which will also be revealed on May 31…

Track List
01. Immigration Control
03. Itazura Rock’n’Roll
04. Not in theory
05. Himawari (not included on “LCC: Peach” and “LCC: Vanilla” version)
06. Shiny Road (not included on “LCC: Peach” and “LCC: Vanilla” version)
07. Heaven’s Burger
08. High Tension Emotion
09. FAKE (not included on “LCC: Peach” and “LCC: Vanilla” version)
10. Perfect Sky (not included on “LCC: Peach” and “LCC: Vanilla” version)
11. You
12. Fairy Tale
13. Hacchake Sensation (bonus track only available on the “First Class” version)

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