Punk, Metal, Rock, and ALL Are Mixed Up! J-pop-Fusion Idol “PassCode” Reveals MV for “Nextage”

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Punk, Metal, Rock, and ALL Are Mixed Up! J-pop-Fusion Idol “PassCode” Reveals MV for “Nextage”

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The base of the band’s sound is a fusion of pop, rock, punk, etc., sometimes adding diverse sounds such as shouts to show their loud side. Using unpredictable, variable musical composition as a weapon, Osaka idol unit PassCode will release their long-awaited first single, Nextage.

Nextage / Music Video

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Since PassCode’s formation in May 2013, the members have changed many times, leading to the current member composition in March 2014. With no talk sections during their concerts in addition to use of specialized backsounds, their live concerts are consistent in their quality, and they already have many enthusiastic fans.

Idols have always emphasized “cute” as their visual concept, but BABYMETAL proved how J-pop can incorporate loud rock, EDM, etc. to adapt this “cute” to create a unique mixed culture as a way to refine and express a new dimension.
It’s difficult to explain in a word the multifaceted attraction of such idol artists, but it’s hard not to be excited to see how much J-pop will express its uniqueness from here on out and where it will go in the future.

PassCode official website :

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Kenji Harada

The venerable Japanese word "kawaii" is not the adjective "cute"; it is just a word used to communicate the state of mind of feeling love for something.

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