PassCode Put the Hammer Down in the Aggressive MV for “Same to you”!

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PassCode Put the Hammer Down in the Aggressive MV for “Same to you”!

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PassCode continue their sonic assault with the MV for “Same to you” from their 1st major label album “Zenith” (release date: August 2)!

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Known for their mashing together of different genres in their songs, PassCode adds another dimension to their sound while delivering a preview of what the song may look like live with a band.

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The full-length MV for “ONE STEP BEYOND” has also been unveiled but, it seems that PassCode was unable to escape from their captors. Of course, if you can’t watch either on YouTube, they can also be found on PassCode’s Facebook page.

“Zenith” will be released in a limited edition CD/DVD version and a regular CD version. The DVD includes the MVs for “MISS UNLIMITED” and “bite the bullet” as well as the MV, dance shot, and behind the scenes videos for “ONE STEP BEYOND”, MV and behind the scenes video for “Same to you”, and PassCode Asia Tour Documentary in TAIWAN. The behind the scenes videos and the documentary will have English subtitles!

Track List

01 Maze of mind
02 bite the bullet
03 all or nothing
05 Scarlet night
07 Same to you
08 Catharsis 
09 rise in revolt
10 Insanity
12 Voice

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Zenith / PassCode
Zenith / PassCode

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