A Reborn palet Declare “VICTORY” Over AKB48!

A Reborn palet Declare “VICTORY” Over AKB48!

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On August 26 in Ikebukuro Sunshine City alpa fountain plaza, palet held an event for their 3rd major single “VICTORY”. This is their first single since Yumi Nakano joined the group in June, making palet a 7-member group.

Dressed in their colorful outfits from the music video, palet was greeted by waves of applause and shouts of joy when they appeared. Performing three songs, which included “VICTORY”, its coupling song “Glory Days”, and “Keep on Lovin’ You” fans were heated up instantaneously.
カラフルな7色の衣装に身を包んだpaletが登場すると、集まった多くのファンから拍手と歓声が沸き起こり、力強くも聞き心地のいい新曲『VICTORY』やカップリング曲『Glory Days』など3曲を披露するとファンも一気にヒートアップした。

Following the self introductions, Mitsuki Kimijima gave her thoughts on the new song: “In this world where people can get hung up on winning or losing, for me, because this is a song which has a reassuring message about overcoming, every time that we sing this song, I receive a lot of power (from it)”.

Ichirou Mizuki, the “Emperor of Anime Songs” made an appearance as a special guest at the event. The venue came together as one as fans shouted “Z!” during his performance of his famous “Mazinger Z theme song”. When Mizuki Kimoto commented about it, “Big Brother” Ichirou gave a lecture about the true meaning of “Z” and how to do it properly to the members. They then shouted together “Aiming for the summit, Z!” (teppen mezashiteru zeeeeto!), while striking the famous pose.

In a gesture of praying for the success of palet’s single “VICTORY”, Mizuki and palet collaborated to sing another of his big hits, “Combattler V theme song”. Kimoto brought the mini live to a close by declaring, “Because my beloved Ichirou Mizuki came to support us today and we were able to do the “Z!” together, I will do my best, believing that we can take that summit!”

When I heard from another reporter that “VICTORY” was going on sale the same day as AKB48’s new single “Kokoro no Placard”, they asked palet if they thought that they could claim “VICTORY”. Yui Fujimoto answered, “Because we received power from Mizuki-san, I think it would be great if we keep steadily moving toward the summit.” Kimijima added, “Our feelings will not lose to them!” When asked about their expected ranking in this week’s Oricon, the members of palet exclaimed in unision, “There’s only the summit (#1 ranking)!”, meaning that they’re hoping to somehow knockdown AKB48.

Photo / Text by Naoto Kazama

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