Never Heard of! “palet” to hold Hide & Seek Event in Akihabara!!

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Never Heard of! “palet” to hold Hide & Seek Event in Akihabara!!

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An ultimate pure idol group, palet, is going to hold an unprecedented event titled “palet Hide and Seek ~ Akihabara ~ ” on February 19. As a part of the campaign of their second single “Keep on Lovin’ You”, to be released on April 23, they are going to play hide and seek in the town of Akihabara, Tokyo.

The participants try finding the members of palet, Saki Takeda and Mizuki Kimoto who run and hide in the town. They tweet a clue in roughly every 10 minutes. The winners will get a handwritten award certificate. They can also shoot a souvenir photo on the spot with the girls.

This will be the first-ever event that fans can fully enjoy the whole of Akihabara while looking for idol members.

More details are posted on their official blog (Japanese).

Also, palet is going to hold a live “palet LIVE 2014 Keep on Lovin’ You” on February 22 at Shibuya O-WEST.
They will show off all the songs they have, including the premiere performance of the coupling song of the second single, “You are My Miracle”.

palet New Single “Keep on Lovin’ You”

Release Date : April 23, 2014
Lyric : Hiromasa Ijichi / Music & Arrange : Kentaro Akutsu
1. Keep on Lovin’You  2. You are My Miracle  3. Keep on Lovin’You (off vocal ver)  4. You are My Miracle (off vocal ver)
<DVD> *Only come with Type-A
Keep on Lovin’ You (MV)  and more..

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written by Yuji Hara

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