Last Summer Declaration! Otome Shinto’s Beautiful Bittersweet Farewell!

最後のピーカン☆NATSU宣言!!! 乙女新党 有終の美を飾る!
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Last Summer Declaration! Otome Shinto’s Beautiful Bittersweet Farewell!

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Otome Shinto, the idol group with the manifesto, “We encourage Japan… as much as possible!”, came to an end after three and half years in the concert Otome Shinto Solo Concert “Otome Shinto Dai 2-maku・Saishusho ~Tabidachi no Uta~” held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on July 3rd, 2016.

The venue was packed with Touin (fans of Otome Shinto) who came to see their last stage. The crowd cheered wildly as the members began with “VIVA! Otome no Daibouken!!” They welcomed the audience with their sweetest smiles as usual, which made me feel at ease.

Otome Shinto was originally formed with 4 members, Yurika Takahashi, Ayame Tajiri, Wakana Aoi, and Chika Arakawa on December 6th, 2012. As of the concert held at Akasaka BLITZ on July 5th, 2014, Wakana and Chika graduated and Mari Aihara, Mayu Ogata, Arisa Sonohara, and Airi Hasegawa joined the group.

In 2015, the group was chosen to appear on the main stage of Tokyo Idol Festival and @JAM EXPO and expectations were high for where they would go from there. However, Airi stopped performing in order to concentrate on medical treatment in October of 2015. After 7 months hiatus, she returned and the group seemed to make a brilliant ressurection.

photos at sky stage, Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

It was a sudden announcement of disbandment. Soon after the announcement, they appeared on the stage of @JAM 2016 on May 21st. Arisa and Yurika cried bitterly from beginning to end of their set but, despite their emotional disorder, the performance itself was one of the highlights of the day.

In the graduation interview, Yurika said “Tears do not suit Otome Shinto, so I believe in myself and make the audience smile in the last concert”. Watching their smiles shining brightly, I was convinced that all the audience would end this day with smiles.

The members one after another performed essential songs from the history of the 6 member formation like “Kimi to Pikan☆NATSU Sengen!!!” and “Ame to Namida to Otome to Taiyaki”. Cutting across music genres such as Motown and City Pop mixed with the energy and flair of Otome Shinto, their high aptitude as idols was overwhelming.

Mari finally started crying during “Sakura Countdown”, Otome Shinto’s graduation themed song. Ayame shouted with smile “Everyone, we’re in last spurt! Are you ready to get more excited!?” They fired famous songs “Moso★Koukan Nikki” and “2gakki Debut Daisakusen!!” in rapid succession. The audience heated up tremendously and the members tried to answer them with putting all energy into performance. The main part of the performance finished with “Shin Otome Shinto no Uta”.

For the encore, the members started to sing “Hajimari no Uta” where a deep tone of piano resounds beautifully. The 6 girls expressed their feelings in the lyrics and sang the song carefully. This song really suited them as they would be making a new start. The audience listened to their voices with steadfast determination, some of them crying deeply.

Let’s sing a song for the beginning
In order to walk this way properly
No matter how many years have passed
See you again over the dream

The members gave their last words to the Touin.

Arisa sang “Genki de Itene” by Hanako Oku instead of her words.

Putting wonderful life into endless days
In order to see you and sing again
good care of yourself I will cpme back to you


Airi said “Thanks to Touin, I can stand here with full of happy aura” and declared to keep on stepping forward to her dream.


Mayu gave thanks to Touin in her words. Her aim was to become the idol that she wants to cheer and she confessed that she was very happy to become an idol.


Mari decided never to cry this day but her tears reminded her how she loved Otome Shinto. She said that the time we spent together will never disappear in your hearts. She asked Touin to cheer them continuously after disbandment.


Ayame thanked to her family, staff, and Touin. She proudly claimed that she will never underevaluate herself due to the love Touin has given.


Yurika thought that she was really suited to an idol. She looked back the history and she noticed that she stood here because of Touin’s love and understanding.


Mayu made fun of the audience, saying, “Why are you crying? Can you liven up again in this encore!”. The denouement finally came with “Ojuken Rock n’Roll” and “Tokimeki☆Paradox”. The feelings of both the members and the audience reeling out of control, Otome Shinto finally reached the peak of perfection. The members forgot the lyrics and choreography but, it was a perfect moment in its imperfection. Feelings of gratitude flowed forth with every single movement they made.

All the members said “This is the end. We are Otome Shinto! Thank you very much!”, and the three and a half year-long story of Otome Shinto came to an end.

Otome Shinto crowned their career with a triumph. The members and Touin are tied firmly by bonds forever. We are looking forward to seeing them again over the dreams.


Otome Shinto

2012 – 2016

01.VIVA! Otome no Daibouken!!
02.Bokudake no Sekai
03.Wasshoi Christmas
04.Toriko Toriko Toriko
05.N to S
06.Kimi to Pikan☆NATSU Sengen!!!
07.Otome no 365-nichi
09.Dekoboko Kaiketsu Sensation
10.Tsuchinokotte Iruto Omou…?
11.Mune wo Hattekou!
13.Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki
14.Ame to Namida to Otome to Taiyaki
15.Sakura Countdown
16.Mouso★Koukan Nikki
17.2-gakki Debut Daisakusen
18.Shin・Otome Shinto no Uta
En01.Hajimari no Uta
En02.Ojuken Rock n’ Roll

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