World Party! Super Group #omaturisawagi (ex-FES☆TIVE and notall) Announces Global Tour!

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World Party! Super Group #omaturisawagi (ex-FES☆TIVE and notall) Announces Global Tour!

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FES☆TIVE and notall have decided to call it quits and combine their efforts in a new group named #omaturisawagi! The name means “festival merrymaking” referring to FES☆TIVE’s Japanese matsuri concept and the hashtag is in reference to notall’s extensive use of social media to gain fans all over the world. The group was introduced at a press conference held in Tokyo earlier today.

Both of the former groups have been active in performing overseas and look to reach more people with a tour of the major festivals of the world planned! #omaturisawagi will make their debut on April 13, 2016 during the Thai Water Festival in Thailand (April 13-15). This will be followed by the Blonde Festival in Belgium (May 27), the Cheese Rolling Festival in England (May 30), the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong (June 10-12), the Running of the Bulls in Spain (July 6-14), the Aomori Nebuta Festival in Japan (August 2-7), La Tomatina in Spain (August 30), a hot-air balloon festival in the United States (October 1-9), the Taiwan Lantern Festival (February 2017), and finishing up at the Rio Carnival in Brazil (February 2017)!

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#omaturisawagi will be appearing at the events free of charge where they will allow photography during their lives and event appearances as well as offer free chekis! They are also be taking applications for any fans who would like to contribute their skills to producing their music! It’s everything fans all over the world love about notall and FES☆TIVE in one group!

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