Nogizaka46 Brings Down Curtain on HOT STAGE at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!

Nogizaka46 Brings Down Curtain on HOT STAGE at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!

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Nogizaka46 made a strong first impression in their long-awaited Tokyo Idol Festival debut on August 6, 2017! Their highly praised 3rd generation members were given the honor of being the final group of the weekend at HOT STAGE in a performance was full of surprises and memories that will remain in the hearts and minds of fans.

The 3rd generation members appeared on stage to the “Overture” in their new dresses, designed for Nogizaka46’s latest single “Nigemizu”. Led by Momoko Ozono, they began with “Inochi wa utsukushii” confirming the reputation for perfectionism associated with the fresh line-up. It was quite symbolic for Nogizaka46’s 3rd generation as it was the first song they ever performed as members of the group during their public introduction in December of 2016. “Seifuku no Mannequin”, Nogizaka46’s 5th single title song, put an end to the first part of the show, showcasing their freshness to the fans.

Riria Ito, also known for her Pikachu imitation, led the talk, thanking fans for being there to support them. She then asked Mizuki Yamashita about her feelings about standing on the Tokyo Idol Festival main stage, to which Yamashita, a big idol fan, answered that it was an honor to be performing there.

The performance continued with a mix of old and newer songs, delighting the fans with their original song, “Mirai no Kotae”, one of the bonus tracks from “Nigemizu”. Waves of calls, notably for Yuki Yoda, rang out from the audience at HOT STAGE during “Hadashi de Summer”, followed by 9th single “Natsu no Free&Easy” and, coming straight out of the group’s 3rd album, “Omoide First”.

A big surprise caused quite a stir of excitement, Nogizaka46’s senbatsu line-up invaded the stage as the first seconds of “Girl’s Rule” shook the audience. Mai Shiraishi stood in the center position, and the fans, who were most definitely not prepared for this, began to sing and dance vividly! Captain Reika Sakurai congratulated the 3rd generation on their brilliant performance during the talk that followed.

Both senbatsu and 3rd generation members Ozono and Yoda then performed “Hito Natsu no Nagasa Yori”, led by Sayuri Matsumura and Manatsu Akimoto as double center. Finally, the emblematic song for this third generation, “Sanbanme no Kaze”, which translates to “the third wind”, concluded the unforgettable final stage of Tokyo Idol Festival 2017. The closing calls from the audience were dripping with emotion as they accompanied the members until their very last effort.

Nogizaka46’s first participation in Tokyo Idol Festival will not be forgotten easily. Will they return in 2018? Something is sure, we can’t wait to see them again!

Photos by Nathan Gey

Set List

01 Inochi wa Utsukushii
02 Seifuku Mannequin
03 Mirai no Kotae
04 Hadashi de Summer
05 Natsu no Free&Easy
06 Omoide First
07 Girl’s Rules
08 Hito Natsu no Nagasa Yori
09 Sanbanme no Kaze

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