Sayaka Yamamoto Passes on the Golden Microphone in NMB48’s MV for “Masaka Singapore”!

Sayaka Yamamoto Passes on the Golden Microphone in NMB48’s MV for “Masaka Singapore”!

NMB48 find the Golden Microphone and their successor to Sayaka Yamamoto in the MV for “Masaka Singapore” from their 3rd album “Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou koto~” (release date: August 2)!

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As the title states, the MV for “Masaka Singapore” is set in the “Garden City” where the members of NMB48 dance on the beaches and plan a heist to recover the Golden Microphone that Sayaka Yamamoto threw to them in “Boki Igai no Dareka”. Yamamoto surprises them by revealing that the microphone on display was a copy before passing on the real one to Miru Shiroma, the center of the song.

“Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou koto~” will be released in 3 limited edition CD/DVD versions, a regular CD version, and a Theater version. In addition to new songs “Masaka Singapore”, “Namba Ai”, “Boku wa Aisaretewainai” (Regular version, Miru Shiroma solo song), and “Sa Sa Sa Saiko!” (Theater version), each type includes the coupling songs from NMB48 singles for each Team on their respective types. Each limited edition DVD includes the MV, dance video, and making of video for “Masaka Singapore”. Type-N includes a “talk battle” video, while Type-M, and Type-B feature videos of the members touring various attractions in Singapore.

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