The Blossoms of Youth! Nippon Columbia Launches New Idol Project “Label The Garden”!

個性の種が芽吹く春、日本コロムビアアイドルレーベル「Label The Garden」始動!
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The Blossoms of Youth! Nippon Columbia Launches New Idol Project “Label The Garden”!

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Japanese record label Nippon Columbia which was founded in 1910, has launched their first idol specialty music label “Label The Garden”. Their first group, which has not yet been named consists of 14 members, including the 11 winners of “Columbia Idol Audition 2015”.

On April 8, 2016, the main visuals showcasing the cool expressions of those 14 members has been unveiled. How will these “seeds” bloom in the garden of Columbia with the long history and tradition? Tokyo Girls’ Update was fortunate enough to visit their first photo shoot and have returned with behind the scenes information.

There was a moderate feeling of nervousness mixed with serenity hanging in the air at the photography studio during the shoot located “somewhere in Tokyo”. The 14 members wore their costumes for the first time, and were photographed while striking poses overflowing with their yet unpolished charming individuality.



Moving from solo shots to group shots, the members facial expression’s grew more cheerful, even through the shoot moved along at a hurried pace. The determined expressions on their faces showed their desire to shine as much as possible when they debut, seeming to be taking mental notes on how to keep improving while checking on the photos of the other members.

We interviewed Tsuyuha Ueno and Rina Arimura, two of the higher ranked members from the audition. We asked about their impressions of their first photo shoot and how they are getting along.


Tsuyuha Ueno / 上野露葉

How was the today’s shoot?

Ueno : I was so nervous and couldn’t show my poses enough and kept doing same things, like making my hands “rock” or “paper”, instead of “scissors” (laugh). I was doing image training but forgot all about it when I stood in front of the camera. I felt like I became different person when I was wearing the costume! Looking at myself in the monitor, I thought like, “Oh I’m there, like major idol!” (laugh)

This is the first time to show yourself as idol. In the time has passed since the audition and seeing the other members often, have you found any rivals among them?

Ueno : The style of the audition was on SHOWROOM (video streaming platform) and the rankings were shown everyday so, I strongly felt the others were my rivals at that time. But now it’s fun to be able to find the other members’ strong points!

-Do you think your image of an “idol” has changed since the audition?

Ueno : Actually I used to like sort of traditional, girly, cutesy idols before but, after I started learning cool dance moves at the lessons, I was surprised that I could actually do them so, I also began to like cool dance styles as well. I want to be idol who can do various things.


Rina Arimura / 有村里菜

-Next Arimura-san, how was today’s shoot?

Arimura : Well, I thought making good facial expressions was more difficult than posing. I prefer my face to be seen from the right side, but today they took the pictures of me mostly from the left side due to positioning, so I learned that I have to be able to make my facial expressions perfect for every angle! Like, “I wasn’t going to smile like this!” while looking at the monitor.

-Ueno-san told me that she felt the members got more united than the audition season, but what do you think about that?

Arimura : I agree! We have three members who are not from the audition winners, but we all get along with each other. It might be because it’s just begun but, I think all the members are nice. Some of them seem so tough, so I don’t want to lose to them.

-Gradually you’ll get more chances to see your fans by revealing the main visuals and the activities’ schedule.

Arimura : The thing I like the most is singing and dancing on the stage as I can feel a lot of things so, I want to perform on stage soon. I think I can make various facial expressions during live performances. I want to make up for all the things I couldn’t do during the audition at some live performances soon!

From today, the official website for “Label The Garden” and Twitter accounts for each of the member has been opened.

Moreover, their first regular broadcasting program “Columbia Idol Ikusei Variety ’14☆Shoujo Funtouki!’ ~Major Debut e no Michi~” will be started on April 15, 2016 on KawaiianTV. The program will be live broadcasted from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on every other Friday. Famous comedian Takashi Yoshida (Black Mayonnaise) will be the host and Kanako Kadowaki (ex-NMB48)will be the co-host for the program.

Music magazine “MARQUEE” will give total coverage of the girls starting from the April 10, 2016 issue.

Idols are growing up day by day.
“We don’t want idols made by label’s selfishness. We’ll show the real process of idol growing and hope to share the values of discovering talent” is the concept of this project since the audition was held.
Please watch their growth until the seeds will bloom into flowers! This is a precious chance!

Behind the Scenes

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