Nihon Twin Tail Award 2015: In Recognition of Those Who Proudly Fly the Flags of Justice!

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Nihon Twin Tail Award 2015: In Recognition of Those Who Proudly Fly the Flags of Justice!

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On February 2 (known in Japan as “twin tail day”) Twin Tail Association Japan held “Nihon Twin Tail Award 2015” at shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE to celebrate those who contributed to the furthering of “twin tail culture” in the past year.

There was also a music fest at TSUTAYA O-EAST and TSUTAYA O-WEST that began at 2:02pm, including performances by over 30 different groups, all wearing their hair up in twin tails. Despite it being a regular work day for most, the turnout was overwhelming and it was difficult to move from stage to stage. Just as Twin Tail Festival on November 11, 2014, all females with their hair in twin tails were granted free admission to the event.

After the awards ceremony finished, Girls’ dance and vocal group Chu-Z took the stage at shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE to kick off the performances. Bringing their “BomberSticks” to a Twin Tail Association Japan event for the second time, they showed off their expanded range with the songs from their upcoming double A-side single “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy” before heading to Roppongi to appear on TV Tokyo’s “Melodix Premium”.

Fellow repeat performer at a Twin Tail Association Japan event, palet showed off yet another side to their ever-expanding potential with “Run to the New Wind”, the lead track off their upcoming album “LOVE n’ ROLL!!”, which was produced by the legendary Tetsuya Komuro and Hiromasa Ijichi.

Doll☆Elements made it a hat trick for Arc Jewel, joining Lovely★Doll and Luce Twinkle Wink☆ at the event. With their crowns and outfits decorated with hearts, the audience was taken through the looking glass into a wonderland of dolls that came to life, dancing as lightly as falling cherry blossoms.

As expected of a Twin Tail Association Japan event, their representative group, drop closed out the night at shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE to a jam-packed house of twin tail enthusiasts.

As there were three venues for Twin Tail Association Japan’s second big event, it bordered on being something like a smaller-scale @JAM EXPO or Tokyo Idol Festival. Highlights from O-WEST and O-EAST included:
3min.‘s precise choreography and powerful singing
– The energetic performance of Akamaru Dash☆
FES☆TIVE with their wild Japanese festival-style
Akishibu project‘s return to O-WEST after their sold out show the previous week
Houkago Princess singing along with their fans when the music cut out mid-song
PASSPO☆ and UPUPGIRLS (KARI) veering closer to the cute side of their catalogs compared to the aggressive set list from @JAM the field vol. 7 which was O-EAST the night before. Members Shiori Mori from PASSPO☆ and Manami Arai from UPUPGIRLS (KARI) did their best to make twin tails despite their short hair.
Yurumerumo! jumping into the photographer’s pit in front of the stage to high-five their fans throughout the performance and Ano being lifted by fans during their last song “Natsu on Blue”.

Twin Tail Association Japan definitely went big with their first big event of 2015 so make sure you don’t miss the next one!

Twin Tail Association Japan official site:

photos by Yasuhiro Okada

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