Enjoy Fashion and Art! Graphic Fashion GIF “MAD PLAY!” Has Launched

Enjoy Fashion and Art!  Graphic Fashion GIF “MAD PLAY!” Has Launched


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MAD PLAY! Vol.1”,  graphic fashion art featuring Sneaker brands “MAD FOOT!” created by  KASICO, who recently launched GIF animation girls’ gravure “Graphic Girl“, is revealed!

Minato Kobori :

Saki Sato :

Hikaru Yokota :

Usuke Devil :


Akkun :

“MAD PLAY!” is a special content to enjoy the fashion and art. On the web site, Young influencers who flutter now have appeared. For example, Saki Sato who is popular as Harajuku model, Minato Kobori(minyatotti) who is a model of fashion magazine “popteen”, Hikaru Yokota who is a model of “CHOKI CHOKI GIRLS”, Usuke Devil who has attractive neutral looks, and so on.

The interesting point of the project is that fashion style of the models are quite different(eg: Minyatocchi is definitely Gyaru style and Usuke Devil looks super neutral boy) but MAD PLAY! put them into the same stage!

You can get the sneakers came out on the web site at nationwide shoe shop “ASBee” and their online shop. In large stores, making video of this content is showing. The video is in MAD PLAY!’s website below, so check it out too!

MAD PLAY! vol.1 Official Page :

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