Underwater Knee High Socks Modeled After Ultraman Monsters Combines Kaiju With Girls

Underwater Knee High Socks Modeled After Ultraman Monsters Combines Kaiju With Girls

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When it comes to the most stereotypically represented elements of popular Japanese sub-culture, schoolgirls and the gigantic monsters known as kaiju are probably solid picks for the ultimate 1-2 punch. So it should come as no surprise that the two are being combined as entry into the fashion world, of all places, as a Japanese designer of swimwear is putting out waterproof knee high socks modeled after the monsters in series like Ultraman.


If sexy socks made for swimming sounds fairly random to you, don’t worry, there’s a bit of a history here. This isn’t the first time that Poolsider has released underwater knee high socks, and their popularity is also due to the fact that they’ve collaborated with photographer Manabu Koga, whose photography of the waterproof socks on Japanese models (and especially their thighs) is being featured this week at an exhibit in Akihabara. Rounding out this aqua-socks collaboration is Tsuburaya Productions, the SFX team behind the original Ultraman television series. The models at the exhibit will be showing off socks creatively designed as famous monsters from the Ultramanuniverse, which will also be available for purchase online.

Silver Bloome (Ultraman Leo) modeled by Momoko Kudou


Eleking (Ultra Seven) modeled by Mashima Shimarisu

niso-ultra-man-collabo-02 niso-ultra-man-collabo-03

Gomora (Ultraman) modeled by Mio Usagi

niso-ultra-man-collabo-04 niso-ultra-man-collabo-05

Dada (Ultraman) modeled by Emi Ringo

niso-ultra-man-collabo-06 niso-ultra-man-collabo-07

Alien Guts (Ultra Seven) modeled by Saki

niso-ultra-man-collabo-08 niso-ultra-man-collabo-09

The actual socks can be purchased from Sprite and Poolsider online for 3,240 yen ($31.70 USD), but appear to be sold out at the moment, so if you have the Japanese ability to order you’ll have to hope for a resupply. Koga’s photography of the models can be seen in his book series, or at the actual exhibit which will run from 8/5-8/17 at PATER’S Shop and Gallery in Harajuku, which is free of charge to attend.

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