Bob Cut is Justice, Or is it Determination? NICE BOB! Photo Report

ボブは正義か、それとも執着か?「NICE BOB!」タイアップポートレート
Bob Cut is Justice, Or is it Determination? NICE BOB! Photo Report

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On April 15, 2017 there was a special event “NICE BOB!” at TwinBoX AKIHABARA which featured several idols who sport the short hairstyle. Appearing were members of Idol Chōhōkikan LEVEL 7, Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai., Cupidolic, and RipukA – HOT HEAT HEAT (a group which unfortunately disbanded on April 30th). To see such an assembly of young women with 1 thing in common was indeed a rare occurrence!

A bob cut is a hairstyle that typically features a fringe that frames the face with the hair in the back cut straight across at the jaw level. During the event, each of the members spoke about their admired celebrities with bob cuts, the moment they got a bob cut, the particular problems of having a bob cut, as well as sharing their deep thoughts about their hometowns.

The event focusing on that one theme was organized by idol culture photography specialty site TOKYO IDOL NET with cooperation from Fuji Film. The special “Bob Style” photos of each of the members which were only sold that day were extremely popular.

Since ancient times in Japan, women’s hair was either long or put up and arranged. The act of cutting women’s hair short did not become widespread until the Taisho Period (1912 – 1926) as many women had their first “short bob” experiences, breaking away from the previously limited varieties of hairstyles. Riding the growing influence of Western culture, it had a more modern feel.

After that, in the later half of the 1990’s various “hair arrangements” trended, and since the 2000’s permed hair and “moru” (piled) styles began trending.

However, a few years later the trend began shifting as increasing numbers of women wondered if they should cut their hair into a bob or not.

Although it did not follow the rules of the previous style, on the other hand it was not a trend that had a feeling of newness either. While the bob cut became a standard style it was unusual that it also conveyed a feeling of individuality with it.

Tokyo Girls’ Update was able to photograph the idols that appeared at the NICE BOB! event. Please enjoy all the individual special characteristics of the different bob cuts!

photos by Kenji Harada

photos by Kenji Harada

Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai. – Miyu Kawasaki


Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai. – Sana_Ashizaka


Cupidolic – Momoko Shikata


Photos by Taishi Watanabe

Photos by Taishi Watanabe

Idol Chōhōkikan LEVEL 7 – Kurumu


RipukA – Minori


RipukA – Renahi


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