Kamiyado Light Up Shinagawa Stellar Ball For Spring Tour Finale!

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Kamiyado Light Up Shinagawa Stellar Ball For Spring Tour Finale!

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Kamiyado put an exclamation point on their Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜Daremo Mita koto no nai Basho he Tobitatō!〜 Kamiyado Spring 2017 Tour with a vibrant performance at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on April 30, 2017! In addition to being one of their biggest stages yet, Kamiyado delivered the good news of their first 2-day concert to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.


Hina Koyama welcomed the “kakifu” (舁夫, Kamiyado fans) from backstage via the PA system, receiving a rousing response as the minutes counted down to the start of the show. A video recapping the tour played on the screen, the kakifu cheering when the date of the tour finale appeared. A 5-colored rainbow of light shined down on the members of Kamiyado running out to the overture. Pillars of CO2 erupted from the stage as they got things rolling with “Action!”, the kakifu calling out loudly and singing along. Hopping along with “Hajimari no Kane wo Narase” and jabbing their way through “Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū”, Kamiyado kept the energy levels high. A tightly woven web of laser beams sliced through the air during the cosmic electropop of “Parachute☆Love”, accompanied by rumbling bass and robotic choreography.

Taking a short break, Kamiyado introduced themselves, beside themselves with excitement that the tour finale had arrived. The tone of the performance shifted towards the gentler end of Kamiyado’s discography as it continued with “Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…”, “Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru”, and “Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai”. Mei Hashima voiced Kamiyado’s collective worries about their biggest tour yet but felt that the tension had passed as the first half of the performance came to a close. Showing off their new outfits, the members pointed out how each one was unique and poked fun at each other. Receiving the comment that she “looks smart” in her outfit, Miki Hashima protested with, “I look smart?!”. Naho Sekiguchi’s appearance was likened to that of a kindergarten teacher and Mika Ichinose was compared to a maid. The ruffles on Hina’s outfit drew comments of her looking like a flower. Mei, the younger Hashima sister, jokingly protested, “I am good at cooking!” when the others noted that “she looked like she was good at cooking”.

Raising their fists high overhead, Kamiyado charged forward with “Genkai Toppa Philosophy”, shifting into high gear as they accelerated through the marathon 6-minute epic of “Kamchatka Adventure”, whipping the kakifu into a festive frenzy. The members called out the kakifu, noting that they could see everyone’s faces in the crowd from the stage. Hina volunteered her favorite memory from the tour, receiving several jabs that it was probably all the different regional foods. Mika recalled how the kakifu had prepared a birthday surprise for her in Osaka. Naho was happy that Kamiyado could finally go to Sendai and Fukuoka. Miki’s voice was husky as she expressed her joy at meeting kakifu from rural areas, asking any of them who had come to Tokyo for the finale to raise their hands. Mei shared how riding on the airplanes was scary for her, earning her some friendly teasing from Naho.

The final stretch of the evening blasted off with “Zenkai! KAMIYADO World”, the kakifu roaring along with the punchy intro notes booming from the speakers. Shinagawa Stellar Ball continued to heat up as Kamiyado skipped along to the playful “Bi・Bi・Bi♡”. Dashing around on the stage, Kamiyado fought their way through “Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger” as columns of CO2 blasted skyward and lasers flashed. The swinging towels of “Summer Dream” did little to cool off the air as Kamiyado danced their way across the finish line with “Odore! Kamiyado Carnival”, an explosion of streamers fluttering down on the kakifu.

The encore began with a series of announcements, the first one being that Kamiyado would be the ambassadors for Ocean Alliance‘s Umi-Pos campaign and appear on posters and in a video for a song titled “Umi-Pos”.

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The second announcement was of a Kamiyado x SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS collaboration film titled “Kimi ga Ite Kansei Suru Puzzle” starring the members to be released in August. This was followed by the news of Kamiyado’s official fan club “Kakifukai” opening on May 1st and their 3rd anniversary live Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜HARAJUKU DREAM〜 to be held at La Foret Harajuku on September 23-24.

The members took turns sharing their thoughts on the tour. Miki admitted that even though she had been the most vocal of wanting to do it, she was full of anxiety of whether or not the tour would be a success. In the end, she felt as if one of her dreams came true as Kamiyado was able to visit places they had never been before, setting her next goal as “domination of all 47 prefectures”. Naho was pleased to find out that there were so many fans of Kamiyado in the more rural areas, adding that she hoped that they would continue to support them as they continued to aim higher in the future. Mika thanked the kakifu for always encouraging them during difficult times, expressing her desire to keep working hard to repay their kindness. Hina was overcome with emotion as she thanked the kakifu for their warm words which countered her anxieties about the tour. Mei felt grateful that so many people had come out to see Kamiyado, recalling their humble beginnings of handing out fliers in Akihabara and overwhelmed that so many of the stops on the tour were sold out.

Regaining their composure, Kamiyado jumped in with “KMYD”, the kakifu dancing along with them and swinging their arms into the shape of the letters K-M-Y-D. Joining hands as the large banner that had accompanied them on the tour was raised, Kamiyado sang “Mirai no Uta” to close out the encore. Thanking the kakifu again, the members had a commemorative photo taken before they made their way off the stage and a closing video played.

Kamiyado’s rapid rise in popularity since their debut in 2015 has been truly impressive, especially in such a competitive environment. It will be exciting to see where the vanguards of Harajuku go from here.

Photos by Yuusuke Fujimaki

Set List

00 Overture
01 Action!
02 Hajimari no Kane wo Narase
03 Hissatsu! Chō-KAMIYADO Senpū
04 Parachute☆Love
05 Ano ko ni Bareru yōna…
06 Bokura wa Ai wo Shinjiteru
07 Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai
08 Jōnetsu wa Tariteiruka?
09 Genkai Toppa Philosophy
10 Kamchatka Adventure
11 Zenkai! KAMIYADO World
12 Bi・Bi・Bi♡
13 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
14 Summer Dream
15 Odore! Kamiyado Carnival

E2 Mirai no Uta

Kami ga Yadoru Basho〜HARAJUKU DREAM〜
September 23, 2017 (Saturday)
September 24,2017 (Sunday)
La Foret Harajuku
Open – 4:30pm Start – 5:00pm
Ticket – 4,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)
Limited Ticket – 5,500 yen (+1 drink minimum) – includes original ticket holder

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