AKB48 Takamina’s Graduation Concert Finally Begins, and Three Overseas Sister Groups Announced!

AKB48 Takamina’s Graduation Concert Finally Begins, and Three Overseas Sister Groups Announced!

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AKB48 Minami Takahashi’s graduation concert “Shuku Takahashi Minami Sotsugyou ‘148.5cm no Mita Yume’ in Yokohama Studium”” began on the 26th. The “AKB48 Solo Concert” was held on the 26th. During the concert, the formation and initiation of three sister groups from overseas was also announced. TPE48 based in Taipei (Taiwan), MNL48 based in Manila (the Philippines), and BNK48 based in Bangkok (Thailand) were formed. As sister groups from overseas, these three groups join in with SNH48 and JKL48 to have five groups in total.


TPE48 official facebook :


MNL48 official facebook :


BNK48 official facebook :

The “AKB48 Solo Concert” surprisingly began with “PERFECT HUMAN”. It opened up with a rap session by Miho Miyazaki who has come back as one of the members selected to perform the 44th single.


This concert featured presentations of time traveling to various periods and eras. First of all, they traveled to the Sengoku period and the 1600s (the Edo period), and Team 8 gallantly performed “RIVER” and “Koi no Onawa” while they took turns playing drums and sword fighting. Afterwards, they challenged themselves with music from various eras, such as during the idol golden age in the 80s, and the rock band boom in the 60s.


And then they traveled 22 years into the past from today to March 26th, 1994. This was Mayu Watanabe’s birthday, and as they performed “Namida Surprise”, all of the members and everyone in the venue came together to wish Mayuyu a happy 22nd birthday. Mayuyu responded with a smile by saying, “I’m so blessed that for two years in a row everyone here and at the concert last year could directly wish me a happy birthday. Mayu Watanabe continues to be in your care as a 22 year old.”


During her parting comments, Yui Yokoyama expressed her distress as the General Manager by saying, “So many of you have come here to see us… Although I couldn’t imagine AKB48 without Takamina…” However, encouraged by the warmth from the fans providing their support as usual, she gave a powerful declaration appropriate for a General Manager by saying, “We’re going to work hard to become a new AKB48 so all of you will continue to support us from now on.”


On the 27th at the same Yokohama Stadium, AKB48 will split up into east and west groups and face off against each other in the “East and West Opposition Singing Contest”. Also, the second performance of Minami Takahashi’s graduation concert will be held.

AKB48 official website :
AKB48 official new group announcement :

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