First Johnny & Associates Official Virtual Idols Sets Off, Starting From The West!

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First Johnny & Associates Official Virtual Idols Sets Off, Starting From The West!

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One of the traditional male idol talent agency, Johhny & Associates and broadcasting company, SHOWROOM join hands together with the project called “Johnny’s×SHOWROOM Virtual Johnny’s Project”. This project challenges Johnny & Associates to reach out into the internet formally by creating a virtual platform, in which crosstabulating with the real idols. The two idols Johichiro Fujiwara and Kazuya Ohashi were selected from Western Johnnies Jr. unit, “Naniwa Danshi” who appeared on February 19th at the session with their characters in charge.

Virtual_Johnny's_ Project_003

Virtual_Johnny's_ Project_005

Asuka Kaido

Virtual_Johnny's_ Project_006

Birthday: December 1st
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Asuka-san, Asuka
Favorite food: fried chiken, stuffed pepper
Hobby: sports specting, play watching
Talent: Drawing

Kanata Ichigoya

Virtual_Johnny's_ Project_007

Birthday: May 13th
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Height: 169cm
Blood Type: O
Nickname: Ichigo-chan, Ichigo
Favorite food: pudding, dried radish strips
Hobby: singing, dancing, watching the sky
Talent: improvise singing

Maeda, the representative of SHOWROOM, felt a strong sympathy toward a promised slogan of Johhny & Associates, which is “to create happiness via entertainment”. In order to accomplish this goal using virtual idol was the essential piece in story and world view of the idols, given that, the characters were designed by the creator unit “Honeyworks” who are popular among the young generation.

Virtual_Johnny's_ Project_002

Contributor Wanted!!

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