NEO from Idoling!!! Release A-maze-ing MV for “Mugen Labyrinth”!

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NEO from Idoling!!! Release A-maze-ing MV for “Mugen Labyrinth”!

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NEO from Idoling!!! has released the MV for their 4th single “Mugen Labyrinth” (release date: June 26)!

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In the video, the members of NEO from Idoling!!! struggle to escape from picture frames. Perhaps it is a metaphor of the uncertain future they face as the graduation of all the current members of Idoling!!! creeps closer? However, they step boldly out into the light and walk towards it at the end.

Here is what the cover of “Mugen Labyrinth” looks like.


“Mugen Labyrinth” will be sold in a CD/DVD version with the MV and making of clip on the DVD. The coupling song is “Chocolat☆Romantic (NEO from Idoling!!! version)” and the single will include 1 of 10 random nama shashin. At the moment, it only seems to be available for pre-order on the Fuji TV web shop, which means it will be considerably more difficult to get if you are not in Japan. Even though Rena Sato Tweeted that she hoped for the MV to reach fans all over the world, getting a copy of “Mugen Labyrinth” is not as simple of a task.

"People of Earth, please hear our song!" - Rena Sato

“People of Earth, please hear our song!” – Rena Sato

NEO from Idoling!!! is currently holding reservation events for “Mugen Labyrinth” and will have their first and last tour in August. They will be performing at Umeda Zeela (Osaka) on August 16th and Shinjuku ReNY (Tokyo) on August 29th. Time is running out so, don’t wait, go!!!

“Mugen Labyrinth” Reservation Events
Mayu Furuhashi, Mayu Sekiya, Ruka Hashimoto, Rena Sato, Michaela Wako Sato
June 19, 2015 (Friday)
Mayu Furuhashi, Ruka Hashimoto, Rena Sato, Michaela Wako Sato
Idoling!!! Official site:

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