Idoling!!! Is a Japanese group that is created by the Fuji TV. The motive of the group was to watch how the idols grow and experience various things. The group at the present has twenty-five members from different talent agencies. The group’s main source of exposure is through various episodes aired on television on FUJI TV ONE. Over 1000 episodes have been broadcasted since 30th October, 2006.

Brief history

In the year 2011, the members went to Taiwan for the first time. There they did a live TV promotion for their third album “sunrise”. This was their first release outside Japan. On April, Idoling!!! Debuted their program, “Fuji TV Kara no~!”. On 18th January, 2013, the members held a reunion at Fuji TV Kyutai studio.Their famous singles are “baby blue”,  “Don’t think. Feel !!!”, “eve”,  “GanbareOtome (Warai) / Friend”, “HanninwaAnataDesu / Nagara”,  “Love Magic Fever”,  “Kokuhaku”, “Te no Hira no Yūki” and many more. Their renowned concerts were Idoling!!! 1st Live “Motto GanbareOtome(Warai)”, Idoling!!! 2nd Live “Daijina Mono”, Idoling!!! 4th Live “NanikagaOkoruYokanga…ng!!!”, Idoling!!! Hachitama Live Autumn to Christmas.

Idoling’s genres are pop, J-pop, bubblegum pop, pop rock, teen pop and dance pop. They have made a strong mark in Japan and outside.

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