Negicco Depart for Tokyo in the Breezy Summer MV for “Nee Vardia”!

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Negicco Depart for Tokyo in the Breezy Summer MV for “Nee Vardia”!

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Negicco have unveiled the refreshing summer travel-themed MV for their upcoming 14th single “Nee Vardia” (release date: August 11)!

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In the MV, the members of Negicco make their way to Tokyo from their hometown of Niigata. Megu takes the train, Nao☆ takes a car, and Kaede takes a plane (because she has some chemical engineering research to finish up at Niigata University before she leaves). All three members meet up at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, where they will be performing a one-man live on August 16th.

The title “Nee Vardia” comes from a homage to the Earth, Wind and Fire classic song “September”; the hook of that song repeats the syllables “ba-di-ya” throughout it. The hook for “Nee Vardia” repeats “Anata ni” in a similar fashion and there’s even a line that asks “Do you remember that day in September?” (Nee, badiya oboeteiru? Ano 9-gatsu no hi no dekigoto.), which references the opening line, “Do you remember the 21st night of September?”, in the original. Takafumi Ikeda (aka Kirin) was in charge of composing and producing “Nee Vardia”. The coupling song, “Oyasumi” is composed by Negicco’s longtime producer connie, has lyrics written by singer/designer MEG, and arrangement by Yashuhiro Hase from Yume to Cosme.

“Nee Vardia” will be released in 5 different versions: Type-A (CD/DVD), Type-B (2 CD), Type-C (CD), Regular (CD), and LP. The DVD for Type-A includes the MVs for “Nee Vardia” and “Oyasumi”. Type-B includes a bonus “ReNegi CD” with “Summer Breeze (Royal Mirrorball remix)”, “Festival de Aimashou (bo en remix)”, and “Negi-sama Bravo☆ (Tomggg remix)”. Type-C is 500 yen and only has “Nee Badiya” on it. The 7-inch vinyl version has both songs on it.

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