Negicco Appears in the New Commercial for Kagami Mochi – An Essential Item for the New Year in Japan!

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Negicco Appears in the New Commercial for Kagami Mochi – An Essential Item for the New Year in Japan!

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Negicco, an idol group from Niigata, is now appearing in the new commercial for ‘Sato no Kagami Mochi’ – Japan’s most famous brand of Kagami mochi (mirror rice cake).

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Sato Food Factory, the manufacturer of Sato no Kagami Mochi, has its main factory in Niigata and is famous for selling products such as frozen rice. The idol group they appointed for their featured New Years product ‘Sato no Kagami Mochi’ has been gaining overwhelming fame not only in their hometown, but all around Japan.

In the commercial, 3 members of Negicco – Nao☆, Megu and Kaede do a combination of singing and dancing in kimonos to promote Sato Kagami Mochi’s ‘Rakupoi youki’ product. The 3 girls from Niigata express how lightweight and easily disposable the product is through the catchy tune.

Negicco also featured at the Nabe festival ~Dai Ikkai Gotouchi Nabe Fesutibaru~, which took place from December 5th to 7th at Tokyo Hibiya Park. For purchasing the group’s new single ‘Hikari no Spur’, only 5 buyers could receive Sato no Kagami Mochi with Negicco’s stickers.negicco-kagamimochi-02

On December 15th, the group received their best ranking so far having made it into the top ten for the first time, with their song ‘Hikari no Shu Pool’ ranking 5th on the weekly Oricon singles chart. They will be releasing their second full-length album ‘Rice & Snow’ on January 20th.

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Negicco Official Website :

Rice & Snow [Single]

Translated by Cheryl Coyle

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