Negicco Lay Down Tracks in the Studio in the MV for “Canale no Madobe”!

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Negicco Lay Down Tracks in the Studio in the MV for “Canale no Madobe”!

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Negicco have opened the doors on the MV for “Canale no Madobe”, the coupling song from their upcoming single “Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-” (release date: December 26)!

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The MV goes behind the scenes of the recording on the single and actually features quite a bit of screen time for the NEGIBAND. Composed and arranged by Negicco’s longtime producer connie and featuring lyrics by Yasuhiro Hase (YUMETOCOSME), “Canale no Madobe” is a leisurely and relaxing song that captures the mood of a winter evening spent inside with a warm drink.

Both songs from the single are available to preview on the T-Palette Records’ Soundcloud. They even added an English introduction to “Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-“! It’s so cute!

“Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-” will be released in a limited edition CD and a 7-inch vinyl record! The limited edition will come in a cardboard sleeve and include an 8-page booklet. The 7-inch will have “Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-” on the A-side and “Canale no Madobe” on the B-side. Both versions have a serial number enclosed which gives a priority reservation for Negicco’s “Premium One-Man Live” concert to be held at Tokyo・Kinema Club on February 2, 2016.

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