The Short MV of Natsuumy’s Debut Song “Happy Dance” Has Revealed!

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The Short MV of Natsuumy’s Debut Song “Happy Dance” Has Revealed!

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A Japanese next pop icon, Natsuumy’s short MV for her debut song “Happy Dance” is revealed on August 7th, the same day as Natsuumy’s birthday!

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As the title of the song says, this MV is really full of happiness! Especially, her charming smile, cute dance, and outfits are remarkable. Using lots of color spray paints also makes us kind of happy as its visually very colorful.
曲のタイトル通り、MVはハッピーでいっぱい! 特に注目したいのが、彼女の魅力的な笑顔と、かわいいダンスと、衣装。またMV中でたくさん使われているカラースプレーも、ビジュアル的にカラフルでなんだかハッピーな気持ちにさせてくれる。

On her blog, She commented, “It was first time for me to film music video and I got nervous a little bit, but I tried my best to make someone who watch this feel happy. I’m sooo happy if you would feel like that.”

More about Natsuumy:
Instagram: _natsuumikun_
Youtube channel:

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