New Year’s Day was “Checked”! Moso Calibration Tour Final Concert Live Report

妄想キャリブレーションのツアーファイナルをちぇっくしました! 2016年元日ライブレポート!
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New Year’s Day was “Checked”! Moso Calibration Tour Final Concert Live Report

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Moso Calibration’s nation-wide tour” Moso Calibration LIVE TOUR 2015/16 ~Hajimete NIPPON♡Chu You wo Check Shimashita!~” was held at ZEPP TOKYO on January 1st, 2016. Since it was a special New Year’s Day live, there were rumors that many tickets were still left unsold. However, as it turned out, countless Moso-zoku (fans of Moso Calibration) assembled in Odaiba in clear weather and the venue was filled with them.

Lights were turned down and at the same time a torii (a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine) on the stage began to light up. A lion dance was performed as it celebrated the New Year. Also, the entrance music was arranged Japanese style. These made the audience feel as if they were in the MV of Genso Koi Hanabi(

The live kicked off with ”YOU wo Check Shimasu!” used as a subtitle of this tour. The opener was followed by Standard numbers in a concert like “Hajimetedayo Konna kimochini Sasetekuretanowa Koi” and ”Mahou no Juice ”. It did not take much time to be warmed by a shower of MIX and Wota-gei.


Introducing themselves and greeting to the audience, they revealed “Everybody singin’ Singin’ Melody” included in the 2nd album ”Moso Invitation” released on the same day. Handclaps at the beginning were used in a very impressive manner. Followed by the new track, “Nazenara Moso Shojo Desuno” and ”Genso Koi Hanabi” heated up the audience.

Moso story which is customary in their solo concert began with a movie titled Monetsu Tairiku, parody of famous TV program Jyonetsu Tairiku. They presented a play while performing rap music. They seemed not especially familiar with it but their faces filled with embarrassment was heartwarming to see.

“Kowaresouna Koigokoro” including the gorgeous sound of the strings and venturesome development excited the audience as if they enjoyed watching a musical. Followed by “Itsudatte Sekai ni Fighting Pose” and ”Motto Zutto Kyun to Shitaino” it was a turn for units. Firstly, “Kimi mo Clap Your Hands!” by Mahiru Kurumizawa, Nia Hoshino, Nae Futaba, and Iori Amamiya was performed and then Usa Sakurano and Yumeko Mizuki sang “Kofuku Kekkai”.


There could be barely seen the back view of two while lights were turned off. Considering her size of body, one of them must have been Nia Hoshino but who was the other? She looked to be as tall as Nia and wearing a blue costume. The moment the spotlight hit her back, it was revealed to be Ayane Fujisaki from Their song “NiaPin GIRL” composed by PandaBoY is an addictively catchy song. Choreography like playing golf boosted their cuteness as it exploded. They seem to have some other stages as NiaPin, so I really look forward to it.

Changing into the costume worn during this tour and yelling out “Minna wo Omotenashi Shimasu!”, “Omotenadeshiko Denshochu” was played. This MV shows the members traveling around and the content somewhat links up with their tour. The lyrics “Finally I could have met you” must be a message towards fans in rural regions. It made me almost cry when thinking of those who are apart.


The live was almost closing after the three songs with one new song. Iori Amamiya’s bittersweet voice pierced straight to hearts of the audience in “Kanashimi Calibration”. There exists complex shout called Hikyari Call but I had not heard such a great Hikyari Call before.

Then, the most heartwarming time came with “Te wo Tsunaide”. This song tells the hope for tomorrow and it really suits to Moso Calibration who always aim for the top. The photos on screen reminded the audience of memories of this tour. Nia Hoshino first cried during her solo part and then the other members suddenly weeped tears. They usually do not make complaints but it is obvious that there have existed many obstacles in front of them. The tears might have overflowed from bottom of their heart who pretends to be tough.

The situation was pretty good enough for encore but “Jinsei wa Ijiwaru Nano…Kana?” was played no time. There was no reason that the members allowed this gloomy atmosphere. They ran around the stage and excited the audience as much as possible, which is the identity of Moso Calibration.

They returned to the stage wearing the T-Shirts which were only sold at the live that day. The first encore started with “Wasurerarenai Chronicle”. Nae Futaba in the MC after “Monogatari wa Mada Hajimatta Bakari” and “Moso ga Tomaranai” proposed to make a pilgrimage to a torii. Looking up the screen, the sign of Sony Music Records appeared. Mahiru Kurumizawa officially announced that Moso Calibration would be moving to Sony Music Records. With such big news being revealed, the members stated their goals:


Usa Sakurano will keep singing for life, Yumeko Mizuki will make unimaginable dreams come true, Nae Futaba will do her best to reply a kindness, Nia Hoshino will ask the audience to follow them, Iori Amamiya will not leave any hands of fans, and Mahiru Kurumizawa will never leave the stage.

Second encore opened with the part titled “Me wo Check!”. Through concerts the members has been showing their characteristics one by one on this program, and they asked the audience to notice their true feelings this time by each member shouting “I love you” to the audience. Their smiles with some embarrassment is the evidence to prove that their feelings are from sincere heart. lastly, they performed again “Omotenadeshiko Denshochu” and the best day came to end.


Looking back the concert, their degree of perfection was totally very high. In a greeting after the concert, Iori Amamiya spoke the word ”Budokan” and the other members were unperturbed, which seemed very trustworthy. Moso Calibration has already stared fixedly at the future. They might run to it but they do not need to be hurry. Their story has just begun.

Set list:
01.YOU wo Check Shimasu!
02. Hajimetedayo Konnakimochi ni Sasetekuretanowa Koi
03. Hajimari ga Hajimaru
04. Mahou no Juice
05. Everybody Singin’ Singin’ Melody
06. Nazenara Watashi, Mososhojo Desuno
07. Genso Koi hanabi
08. Kowaresouna Koigokoro
09. Itsudatte Sekai ni Fighting Pose
10. Motto Zutto Kyun to Shitaino
11. Kimi mo Clap Your Hands!
12. Koufuku Kekkai
13. NiaPin GIRL
14. Omotenadeshiko denshochu
15. Tatoe Mouhitori no Watashi wo Mitemo
16. Yumemiru Otome wa Muteki Desyo!?
17. Kokoro Asobase, Mekubase Asobase
18. Kanashimi Calibration
19. Te wo Tsunaide
20. Jinsei wa Ijiwaru Nano…Kana?

en 01. Wasurerarenai Chronicle
en 02. Monogatari wa Mada Hajimattabakari
en 03. Moso ga Tomaranai

en 04. YOU wo Check Shimasu!
en 05. Omotenadeshiko Denshochu

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