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MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO entered its second day at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on November 7th and not even chilly autumn rain could dampen the spirits of those looking to get their fill of Japanese food, fashion, music, contemporary and traditional culture and everything in between. With the theme of Moshi Pop, it was a day full of all things cute, elegant, cheerful, crazy, and of course kawaii. To read about what happened on the first day Moshi Ani (November 6th), check out the photo report in the link below.


Matsuri Stage

The outdoor free Matsuri Stage got started at 10:30am with traditional Japanese dance courtesy of Motokao Hanayanagi and Hatsuhana Bando mixing it up with DJ Hiyokochang Nishimura, DJ POCHI, and DJ HACK.

However, as morning turned into midday, the cloudy skies began releasing rain upon Sendagaya, which lead to a delay as the event staff rushed to build a canopy for the stage. Once things were in order, the performances continued with the DJ duo of BPM15Q and twintail idol trio drop. The small group performances continued with Bitter & Sweet, Nanshiki globe.’15 (the reboot of the globe parody group with Parc Manther the 3rd and Koike the 2nd). Thai acoustic rockers SanQ Band collaborated with TEMPURA KIDZ. There was also a Nico Live segment where the members of Musubizm, drop, and Kamiyado competed to see who had what it takes to be an interesting television personality.

As night began to fall, DJ Kana Tsuzuki (ex-Lovely★DOLL) and pandakeiko kept things going. DJ POCHI and DJ Hiyokochang Nishimura returned for an evening set. Closing out the night were Tottori idols Chelip, retro group Hauptharmonie that brought along an entourage of suited musicians to help them complete filming of the MV for “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold”. Erika Akiyama and Dream Color also returned for a second evening in a row.

Moshi Moshi Stage

The main stage opened early with a fashion show, showing off some the diverse fashions straight from the streets of Harajuku. It looks like the backlash against skinny jeans has begun?

The stage went dark and after a short video showing all the different MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL event from around the world in 2015, a lone shamisen player appeared on the stage, percussive notes resonating from his instrument. A shakuhachi player appeared next and the traditional Japanese sounds mixed together, joined by drums and dancers in kimono. The performance moved into the present as models wearing T-shirts decorated with ukiyo-e prints and carrying paper umbrellas walked down the runway. stormed onto the stage in outfits designed to look like the snowcapped peak of Mt. Fuji, waving their ribbons to “Denden Passion”. The audience jumped and danced to the explosive “Future Diver” before things cooled off with Dempagumi’s latest song, “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo”. What followed was the frantic and white-hot “Chururi Chururira”; the only way it could have been more intense was if they could have used the pyrotechnics which regularly accompany its performance in large arenas.’s performance came to an end with the festive “Demparade JAPAN”.

From one of the biggest Japanese artists of the day, the stage shifted to some of the hottest up and coming groups courtesy of FUJIYAMA PROJECT JAPAN, a new idol specialty label created by Asobisystem and Idol Yokocho. If have not heard of sora tob sakana, Osaka☆Shunkashuto, Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, Lovely★DOLL, or Niji no Conquistador yet, you will soon!

There was a presentation by Moshi Moshi Nippon Torikomu Project, which reminded people that whatever their physical limitations may be, it’s not okay to just let your dreams be dreams. Even though there should be no doubt that glasses are fashionable (especially with so many people wearing fake ones), there was a fashion show by eyewear maker Zoff.

Thanks to the idol communication mobile app DMM.yell, Hokkaido idols Ice☆Pastel and Osaka’s Culumi were granted the opportunity to perform on one of the biggest stages in Tokyo. Bananas, which are a vital part of Japanese youth culture (they’re a common ingredient in crepes) also made an appearance on the stage. Of course, idol fans are familiar with Fujifilm’s line of Instax cameras, a commonly used item at cheki events.

While many may think of enka as the music of Japanese senior citizens, there are quite a few young artists embracing the soulful melodies and putting their own spin on the genre. AKB48 member Misaki Iwasa started with enka versions of her groups’ hits “Heavy Rotation” and “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” before delving into more adult matters with “Hatsu-zake”. Hayabusa, possibly the closest thing the enka world has to a male idol group, showed off a range of emotions with Yuriko Futaba’s tear-jerking “Kanpeki no Haha” (Perfect Mother) and the campy “Tsuki Akari no Tango”.

Summer might be over but, is there a ever a season when Harajuku models and pop rock quartet Silent Siren’s anthemic “Biisan” is not welcome? They followed it up with “Kimi Suki Smile” the girly B-side from their latest single “alarm” and the fan-favorite “Guru Guru Wonderland”. There was a presentation about overseas travel and Asahi Shimoda won an opportunity to appear in mer magazine and a year’s supply of miso soup from Marukome! See, even if you cut your bangs too short, good things can happen!

From the mind of Sebastian Masuda, producer of the nearby Kawaii Monster Cafe and leading authorities on just about everything kawaii in Harajuku, came a fashion show that had to be seen in order to be believed!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made a surprise appearance during the demonstration of SHARP’s AQUOS 4K television, a product that she had previously provided a song for in “Oshiete Dance Floor”. She let fans know a little bit more about her upcoming single “Kanzen Keitai” and gave a sneak preview of the next commercial which shows her playing 17 instruments at once on the screen. TEMPURA KIDZ blasted through a medley of their songs before unleashing a “Happy Natsu Matsuri” before a wall of digital lanterns. They locked things down with the aggressive “Mask Mask” and “LOLLiPOP” before racing off the stage on to their next adventure.

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