Hauptharmonie Get Retro in the MV for “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold”!

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Hauptharmonie Get Retro in the MV for “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold”!

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Hauptharmonie have stepped out with the MV for “Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold” from their 4th EP “GOLDENBAUM EP” (release date: December 15)!

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While there are quite a few idol groups active that have embraced darker and harder rock sounds, the sound of Hauptharmonie takes inspiration from popular 90’s genres like ska, Britpop, lounge, and “anorak pop” (named for the jackets worn by British youths that share obsessive interests similar to Japanese otaku), resulting in a light, retro sound. In the MV, the 4 members parade down the narrow alleys branching out from a temple followed by dozens of musicians in suits as rain lightly falls upon them. There are also scenes of Hauptharmonie performing at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO, their entourage causing a spectacle in the audience as they hoist their instruments high above their heads.


If the German used for the title is correct (as fas as we know), it translates to “Words/speech are silver, dance is golden”. With the amount of entertainers randomly using English and French, perhaps using German should not be that unusual either? With there only being 3 songs on this EP and one of them being specified as a bonus track, perhaps one should not read so much into the language they are using? Since Hauptharmonie have moved to Tower Records Japan’s Hako Records label, expect to see a lot more of them in the future.

Track List

01 Reden ist Silber, Tanzen ist Gold
02 Champagne Gold・Twilight・Luxe
03 Unity (Bonus Track)

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