Musubizm Interview at The J-POP SUMMIT 2015 Supported by Nihongogo

Musubizm Interview at The J-POP SUMMIT 2015 Supported by Nihongogo

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The girls of Musubizm have wrapped up their American debut and tied it up with a bow and we’ve got the scoop on this adorable fledgling idol group.

Musubizm [むすびズム] is an entertainment idol unit which got their start in December of 2014 after an arduous screening process for the Spring 2014 “ASOBI SYSTEM IDOL PROJECT.” Asobi System, one of Japan’s premier talent agencies, is a management group that promotes and cultivates Japanese pop culture entertainment. The agency, known for managing acts including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Yun*chi, Rina Tanaka along with being the masterminds behind the Harajuku Kawaii events and the upcoming Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival in Tokyo, is now taking their shot at the explosive Japanese pop idol market.

The diminutive members of Musubizm, Eru Shina, Rurika Miyajima, Misa Kimura, Nami Yamada, and Mai Imai, each embody a facet of Kawaii culture forming a veritable Voltron of cute. The girls, adorable, cute, fashionable, beautiful, and cool, are a one-of-a-kind group that aims to bring Japanese Kawaii Culture to the world and take the idol scene by storm.


We sat down with the girls of Musubizm at this years J-Pop Summit.

-For your old fans and new, please introduce yourself and tell us one unique thing about yourself that your fans may not know.

Eru Shina: My name is Shiina Eru and my color is the colors of autumn. I like to do strength training.

Rurika Miyajima: My name is Miyajima Rurika and my color is violet. Let’s see, one thing about me…. I laugh easily.

Misa Kimura: My name is Kimura Misa and my color is sky blue. I like coriander.

Nami Yamada: My name is Yamada Nami and my color is peach. I’m full of energy and many people think that I look young.

Mai Imai: My name is Imai Mai and my color is snow white. I’m not very good with sunlight.

-What inspired you to join Musubizm??

Misa Kimura: We were all scouted through Asobisystem and individually selected to join Musubizm.

-So you’ve spent some time in San Francisco, what are some of the differences that you’ve noticed between San Francisco and Tokyo?

Misa Kimura: It’s summer right now, so the climate is different; San Francisco is much colder.
What else…if you walk around for a little bit you’ll easily find a Starbucks. I felt that there isn’t much of that in Japan.

-Where I’m from in New York, there’s a Starbucks on nearly every block.

Rurika Miyajima: Wow!

Mai Imai & Eru Shina: That’s amazing!


-If Musubizm was a family, who would be the father, the mother, the daughter, the pet, etc.?

Eru Shina: I’d be the father.
(Everyone points at Rurika Miyajima and laughs)

Misa Kimura: She’s the pet and I guess I’m the mother.

Eru Shina: (gestures towards Mai Imai) She’s the grandmother!

-If you weren’t in Musubizm, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

Nami Yamada: I think I would be training to be a pre-school teacher.

Misa Kimura: I was already working as a model so I would have probably been doing modeling full-time.

-Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans, and what can we expect from Musibizm in the future?

ALL: Our goal is to connect and share the kawaii culture of Japan with the rest of the world, and we want to meet fans from overseas as well!


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