New Member Wanted! Morning Musume.’14 Audition Initiated!

New Member Wanted! Morning Musume.’14 <Golden> Audition Initiated!

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Morning Musume.’14 had completed the first day of their spring tour “Morning Musume.’14 Concert Tour Spring ~ Evolution ~ ” at Olympus Hall Hachioji, Tokyo, on March 15.

Tsunku♂ announced the initiation of the audition in a letter.


In response to his message, Sayumi Michishige commented, “the first MM members didn’t make the “Rock vocalist audition” but, they showed their strong belief that how much they wanted to make their debut in this industry. Then MM was formed. So I hope girls who have such a firm faith and love Morning Musume. will come.”

Sakura Oda, the youngest generation, will have first junior member or members in the group.
“I will work hard for her / them to be a reliable senior.”

Kanon Suzuki seems that she wants to have rivals.
“I am confident that I can do anything that was said. In order for MM.’14 to be more electric, I want girls who are not just Kawaii and humble but, who is ready for fighting with me!”

The youngest member in the group, Haruka Kudo cares about the age of new comers.
“Because the audition recruits girls who are at the age of 10 ~ 17, which means they may take my “the youngest” in the group, so I’m shaking in fear. However, it is possible to say she or they could have been born at the time of “Syabon dama“, which is Michishige-san’s debut song. I think time flies, and also the fact that I am 14 years old already since I joined at 11, that scares me. At the same time I know I can’t be the youngest forever, so I would like to welcome them no matter how old they are.”
“Morning Musume.’14 < Golden > Audition” is now recruiting females who is 10 ~ 17 years old as of April 1, 2014. The deadline is May 11, 2014. It says you can apply wherever you live, so why don’t you try it out!

The detailed information is on the special site.

written by Yuji Hara

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