MORIMUSU to Unveil New Song “Password is 0” on First Live!

MORIMUSU to Unveil New Song “Password is 0” on First Live!

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Morimusu, a special collaboration unit by Morning Musume.’14 and a comedy group, Mori San Chuu, is going to hold a live for the first time. It’ll take place in Laforet Museum Roppongi, Tokyo on March 9.

Morning Musume.’14 is going to hold a release event for their 55th single “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa/ Kimi no kawari wa iyashinai/ What is LOVE?” three times a day on that day.
The first live of Morimusu will be held in the third performance, including the premiere of the new song “Password is 0“.

You can read the comments from members and producer Tsunku♂ at the bottom of this article, check it out!

Then, the short version of “Password is 0” is now available in the commercial of au, and LISMO store.

au CM

LISOMO store : Password is 0 (Short ver.)

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Comment of Producer Tsunku♂

“Hi there, it’s Tsunku♂.
Mori San chuu is going to burst into the event of MM.’14!
It’ll be the first showing off of Morimusu, due to “Otona no Jijyo (indescribable reason)”? Laugh
Even if so, it’s worth to see how MM.’14 keep up with a taste of gaggy Mori San Chu.
A sharp dance of Kurosawa (Mori san chuu) and Sayashi (MM.’14), which is your favorite?”

Sayumi Michishige (MM.’14)

“Hello! Everyone!
Morning Musume.’14 leader, Sayumi Michishige.
The event on March 9,
We’ll appear as Morimusu!!
and we’ll perform “Password is 0” for the first time there!
“Password is 0″ is a song that I struggled the most among our recent songs.
Honestly, it’s so difficult, complicated, and hard to perform.
The first performance… I’m pulsated with excitement!
Those two of Mori San Chuu will also appear but,,
Can they do the formation dance? (Laugh)
Well, there are some worries, but I am looking forward very much!”

Miyuki Oshima (Mori San Chuu)

“It’s live Morimusu~~!!
Come see us everyone~~!!
In order to show my best performance, I eat meat everyday!!
I’m looking forward to see you on the day!”

Kazuko Kurosawa (Mori San Chuu)

“Shall we do it!?
Shall we bring it!?
I’m in perfect shape for the event!!!
This is it! We’re dynamites of Morimusu.
I’ll kick wotaku’s asses!!”

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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