Tsunku♂ Forms New Group “Morimusu.”

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Tsunku♂ Forms New Group “Morimusu.”

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It was announced in the press conference of the Japanese mobile phone carrier, “au presentation 2014 Spring” held on January 22, that Tsunku♂ formed a new group “Morimusu.”

“Morimusu.” is the new unit that the Japanese comedienne group “Mori San Chu” has joined as a new member in Morning Musume.’14.

The whole thing happened because Tsunku♂ and MM.’14 have been appointed as a new campaign character of “au”. This is all about Tsunku♂ descrived as “Big Challenge” the other day.

Although a series of the new TV commercial are going to be broadcasted throughout the country from 24th January, it is avairable now on the au official website.

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Official website :

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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