Momoiro Clover Z Bring Family Fun With Children’s Program and Announce New Album!

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Momoiro Clover Z Bring Family Fun With Children’s Program and Announce New Album!

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Momoiro Clover Z, started their first intellectual training TV program for kids “Goo Choki Party” (Stone, Scissors and Paper-ty) in February of 2017 on online TV service Hulu (Japanese version). It was announced that they will release an original album “Goo Choki Party ~Minna Norinori-!~” (release date: May 3), which will include 27 tracks and 5 dance lesson videos!

In the program, the members of Momoiro Clover Z appears as “Momoclo Chan Z” acting as different characters such as the sun, dandelion, dove, telephone, and umbrella. They play and learn with kids through singing, dancing and storytelling.


The original album “Goo Choki Party ~Minna Norinori-!~” includes 27 tracks from the program, including the opening theme “Goo Choki Party”, ending theme “Kimi no Machi no Kyou no Sora” and various kids-versions of their famous tracks. The DVD contained in the album includes dance lesson videos of 5 tracks from the TV program, and a special booklet of action songs too.

Unfortunately it seems Hulu Japan is not accessible from outside of Japan, but on the special website of the program, you can enjoy various movies such as preview clips from the TV program, a “Koko Natsu” dance video with the children, “Yappa Nori nori-!” dance lesson video and so on. Check it now with your family!!

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Guchokiparty - Minna Norinori-! - / Momokurochan Z

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