Snow, Moon and Fireworks! Momoiro Christmas 2015 Was Filled with Beautiful Nature and Smiles

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Snow, Moon and Fireworks! Momoiro Christmas 2015 Was Filled with Beautiful Nature and Smiles

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Momoiro Clover Z held their 3 days Christmas Live “Momoiro Christmas 2015 Beautiful Survivors” in a ski site at Karuizawa on 23rd, 24th and 25th December 2015. In spite of various expected barriers, with careful preparation they won even the nature over to their side!!

Momoiro Christmas in this year was so different from previous ones in various points. First of all, the venue of Momoiro Christmas 2015 was a ski site, Karuizawa Snow Park (about 1.5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen). They established their stage on real ski slope! They have an experience of Momoiro Christmas Live outside in 2013 (at Seibu Dome in Saitama), but no experience of live in snow. Of course, so do fans!

Another point was that the meaning of the live was different from previous ones. Since their dreamed appearance of NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2012, Momoiro Christmas used to be the last one-man live of them in that year before the big moment. But in 2015, Momoiro Clover Z cannot stand in the stage of NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. When the news Momoiro Clover Z failed to the program, the meaning of the Momoiro Christmas was changed. Of course they made their official comment on their website and wrote blog about it, but the stage of Momoiro Christmas was the first public appearance for them to speak about it in front of their fans.


In the opening movie, the members commented about failing to make appearance in Kohaku Utagassen, and pressed the point that they will walk their way with their fans. After that, the members appeared one by one along with the theme of PRIDE (as the opening theme of Momoiro Christmas!). The audience were filled with high expectation “How hot Christmas we can experience at such a cold ski slope?”

The set list of the live and performance were well designed so that fans did not feel a bit cold, but also could have felt CHRTISTMAS atmosphere. Various tracks were performed during the three days, but the most important feature was that the set list was mainly composed by tracks from “Momoiro Christmas Limited Single”s. Of course Reni performed annual magic using fireworks along with the track of “Santa-san”. Christmas songs such as “Naichaisou Fuyu”, “Bokura no Century” created the groove, and ballads such as “Kimiyuki” or “Sora no Curtain” made the mood. “Koyoi Live no Moto de”, the newest track prepared for THIS Momoiro Christmas, was also performed for the first time.


The live was also full of snow sports. At the interval of the live, the audience enjoyed snowboarding performance by professionals. The members also collaborated with the snowboarding performers at the highlight of their masterpiece “Ikuze! Kaitou Syoujyo”. Furthermore, the members enjoyed snow sports (and they were very CUTE!!!). They had a snowball battle, and also showed great techniques of winter sports such as ski and sled. You can watch them in a winter sports in a movie.


The live was very heartwarming even at cold outside, but I think the highlight of the live was not that. Do you know the word “Setsu Getsu Ka” (in Japanese “雪月花”)? Each character means “Snow”, “Moon”, and “Flower”, meaning “Beautiful things in nature” in total. This 3-days Christmas live definitely introduced this idea. “Snow” is the highlight of the first day. At the end of the live when the intro of the final track “Hashire!” began, it started to snow!! Every member commented with this surprise “Is it artificial snow produced by staging?”, but it was a really White Christmas created by nature. This team sometimes puts even the climate on their side (Previous case is the rainbow after thunderstorm on the day of Toujinsai Festivity 2014). Another highlight is “Moon”. The concerts started at 14pm and end at 17pm, so it has darkened up toward the end of the live, and full moon shining above the live appeared. (Full Moon on the Christmas is the first in this 38 years in Japan!!). It was a very fantastical scene. And the final one is “Flower”. It was not a natural object, but gorgeous fireworks illustrated the stage after their performance of “Kuroi Syuumatsu” in the encore part of the third day. After the heart moving “Flower”, the intro of “Shiroi Kaze”, the final ballad of the three days live started. It was the perfect wrap-up.

At the end of the live, all the members deeply thanked to their fans. Reni commented “I hope to share wonderful Christmas every year with you, so please walk this way with us!” Ayaka thanked to the nice present from their fans. the present was a lot of happily smile during the three days. Kanako, the leader of the group said “We challenged this 3-days Christmas live under such a hard environment because we want to make a way out of no way. I don’t know whether someone follows this way behind us, but anyway, I feel happy because we have another one-man live concert (Countdown concert) even after such a nice Christmas this year.”

Momoiro Clover Z will release their third and fourth album “AMARANTHUS” and “Hakkin no Yoake” at once on February 17th, 2016. Furthermore, they wii have a Five Domes Tour in spring 2016 titled as Momoiro Clover Z DOME TREK 2016 “AMARANTHUS/Hakkin no Yoake”. Information of the new albums has been gradually revealed on their special website day by day, and tickets for their tour are available now, so check the special website!

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