DEATH AND REBORN: Introduction to the Best Momoiro Clover Z’s Albums Ever!!!!!

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DEATH AND REBORN: Introduction to the Best Momoiro Clover Z’s Albums Ever!!!!!

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Did you already get Momoiro Clover Z‘s new albums “AMARANTHUS” and “Hakkin no Yoake“? These two albums were released on February 17th 2016 in Japan, and became a big sensation in a flash! If you’ve not tried yet, finally now all tracks are available also on worldwide iTunes. In this article I would like to give you some tips to enjoy the albums much better!




Hakkin no Yoake

Why TWO albums have released at once in this timing?
According to Junnosuke Miyamoto, the chief music director of the new albums, it’s just because Momoiro Clover Z had already released 5 singles since the release of their last album “5TH DIMENSION”, and he thought it is natural to make a new album by now. However, he noticed putting 5 tracks from released singles in a new album is too much. Getting from an inspiration from his favorite artist “Guns N’ Roses”s album “Use Your Illusion”, he came to think of releasing the two albums at once.


What is the concept of the albums?
First of all, what the titles of albums mean? “AMARANTHUS” is itself a name of flower, which is also used in the Festival on “Day of the Dead” in Mexico. On the other hand, “Hakkin no Yoake” means “Daybreak of Platinum”. According to the interviews with the members, the theme of their third album “AMARANTHUS” is “a life of human from the birth to the death”, and that of their fourth album “Hakkin no Yoake” is “Dream”, “Fantasy world”. Tracks included in the albums, artworks, and music videos are all created based on these concepts.

In their last album “5TH DIMENSION” the members leaped dimension. In the single “GOUNN” released after the album, they came to a world of a never-ending cycle of life and death (Check the Music Video of the album and the single, and you’ll notice the linkage of the world!).

With the new two albums, the chief music director tries to express a connected world of them, focusing more on and expressing a cycle of life. So, the former album presents just “a life of human”. In that album tracks states something from a life such as “Birth”, “Fight and Reconciliation”, “Graduation”, “Love”, or “Death”. The latter album presents the world after the death. Some tracks state “Live in an imaginary world” or “Fairyland”, and others themselves could state view of vivid worlds in front of us. With these two albums together, “a never-ending cycle of life and death” is portrayed.

What are the must-see points?

1. Members’ deep participation in the albums
At the very early stage of producing albums concepts, all the members participated in the discussion of the concepts. This is the first challenge for them. When you see the documentary about the album which is packed in the Limited Edition, you will notice that the members discussed two important concepts of the albums “Love” and “Death” so deeply, and the discussion is reflected into the albums.

2. Beautiful and touching music videos
On YouTube you can watch the short version of 3 Music Videos from 4 Music Videos of the albums: “WE ARE BORN”, “Monochrome Dessin” from “AMARANTHUS”, “Hakkin no Yoake” and “Mahoro-vacation” from “Hakkin no Yoake”. You can watch the full version of these Music Videos if you get the Limited Edition of albums.

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3. Of course, the tracks themselves and the storyline that the tracks create
Both the original tracks for the albums and the tracks from the past singles are perfect. Plenty of professionals in entertainment industry participating into this project tried to provide their best work for the group. Progress of the members’ singing skills makes the tracks more emotional. On the other hand, all the 4 tracks from released singles included in the albums have strong world-view themselves, but they are well integrated into the conceptual story as well. And how about wondering why only the track “GOUNN” is not included in the albums?

Especially, I recommend you to focu on the last parts of each album. The storyline of last 3 tracks of “AMARANTHUS”, “Guns N’ Diamond”, “Bye-bye de Sayonara”, and “HAPPY Re:BIRTHDAY” expresses the view of life and death of members with so glorious atmosphere. “Pink Zora” which is written by Japanese famous artist Tsuyoshi Doumoto is not only the last track of the fourth album, but also the last track of the two albums series. According to his interviews, open sky dazzled with pink in the morning glow or sunset glow in Nara (his hometown) is a special scenery. This track has mysterious aura covering both theme of albums, as if damask sky in the twilight enfolds all the world.

If you want to enjoy their wonderful products in every detail, of course you should get the Limited Editions which includes all 4 Music Videos and Documentary Movie! However, you have another choice to get them via iTunes by tracks.

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Amaranthus / Momoiro Clover Z

Amaranthus / Momoiro Clover Z

Hakkin no Yoake / Momoiro Clover Z

Hakkin no Yoake / Momoiro Clover Z

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