Momoclo Unveils New Song in Yankee Stadium, Masahiro Tanaka Plays as His Entrance Song

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Momoclo Unveils New Song in Yankee Stadium, Masahiro Tanaka Plays as His Entrance Song

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Momoiro Clover Z unveiled their new song “My Dear Fellow” at Yankee Stadium, NewYork, on April 10 (JST).

In the game, Masahiro Tanaka pitched as a starter for the Yankees.

*photo source : MLB official twitter

Masahiro Tanaka *photo source : MLB official twitter

When he stepped up to the plate, the music which no one knows was played. Even momoclo fans on the Internet didn’t know this though, they tweeted generally positive response.

Japanese mainstream sport papers also gave a great deal of space.
SPORTS NIPPON, for example, described it as follows:
Masahiro Tanaka made his debut in the Yankee Stadium. New fans welcomed the big-contracted rookie enthusiastically. He came in to pitch with the song of Momoiro Clover Z, the idol group he has interactions.”

“My Dear Fellow” was written by Takahiro Maeda, and made by Shihori who composed “GOUNN”. The song will be cut into their new single “Naitemo Iindayo”, the songs will be released on May 8.

Masahiro Tanaka is known for a big fan of momoclo, and calls himself as one of “mononofu (originally known as Samurai, currently used for fan of momoclo)”. Even though he transferred the action to NewYork from Sendai, we all hope he’ll make his marks in the major leagues.


01. Naitemo Iindayo (Theme song of the movie “Akumu-chan”)
02. Doudou Heiwa Sengen (Theme song of the movie “Idainaru Syurara-bon”)
03. My Dear Fellow
04. Naitemo Iindayo (off vocal ver.)
05. Doudou Heiwa Sengen (off vocal ver.)
06. My Dear Fellow (off vocal ver.)

・DVD for Limited Edition

01. Naitemo Iindayo (MUSIC VIDEO)

Naitemo Iindayo / Momoiro Clover Z

Naitemo Iindayo / Momoiro Clover Z

written by Yuji Hara

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