Momoclo Reveals the Live Version MV for ‘MOON PRIDE’!

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Momoclo Reveals the Live Version MV for ‘MOON PRIDE’!


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On August 13th, Momoiro Clover Z (known as Momoclo) has revealed the live version of music video for their latest song ‘MOOM PRIDE‘!

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Along with internet broadcasting of the anime “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal”, anime version music Video for MOON PRIDE was released in July, which gathered attention for the FULL CG of characters and the scene of costume change.
This time, different from the anime version, the movie was mainly composed of the movies from the live “Tohjinsai” by Momoiro Clover Z, which was held at the Nissan Stadium in 26th and 27th July 2014. They performed this track for the first time at the live in front of about 60 thousand fans. The dance is inspired from the anime and lyrics so that matches well the track. Furthermore, they challenged new separations into respective voice parts: A lot of singing parts in harmony with the all 5 members, separation into high tone part by A-rin and low tone part by Shiorin, and so on. You can find these challenges in the live movie!

The Momoclo’s song is great, but the anime itself is so good as well! You can watch the newest episode of the anime “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” on Nicovideo, so don’t miss it too!!
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal :


Moon Pride / Momoiro Clover Z

Moon Pride / Momoiro Clover Z

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nori: is a fan of Ayaka Sasaki (A-rin) of Momoiro Clover Z since the first glance of her IDOL performance on YouTube in 2011. Hoping to be of some help them in becoming world-famous group, and world-famous "A-rin"!

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