Moso Calibration Become Animated Characters in the MV for “Omotenadeshiko Denshouchu”!

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Moso Calibration Become Animated Characters in the MV for “Omotenadeshiko Denshouchu”!

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Moso Calibration has revealed the MV for “Omotenadeshiko Denshouchu” from their 2nd album “Moso Invitation” (release date: January 1, 2016)!

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As the MV begins, they pull us into a dream world of vivid colors, where the members transform into animated characters! There are also many traditional Japanese elements in the MV. During the chorus, the members are dancing with the torii (traditional gate found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine) illustrated at the back, with the Japanese paper lanterns circulating above them. The colorful folding fans and the pop atmosphere make them look as if they are dancing at an omatsuri (Japanese festival)!

Following the title “Omotenadeshiko Denshochu”, the lyrics mention the word “Omotenashi”, which in Japanese means hospitality, and “Densho” means to pass it down. “Nadeshiko” is a term used to describe the ideal Japanese woman so the combination of it with “omotenashi” implies something very positive. In the chorus, they sing “Omotenashi Shite Nipponju”, which in English means that they would like to express their hospitality towards everyone in Japan. It is a work where one can and feel Japanese culture at the same time.

Moso Calibration will have a live at ZEPP TOKYO on January 1, 2016 for the finale of their 2015 tour, so this will be a great way to celebrate the new year! In addition to that, they will be releasing their 1st photobook “Modoku Chui” on December 22 so it might make an awesome Christmas present for that special “Moso-zoku” (name for Moso Calibration fans).

Track List

01 Moso Introduction
02 YOU wo Check Shimasu!
03 Mahou No Juice
04 Kanashimi Callibration
05 Kokoro Asobase, Mekubase Asobase
06 Koufuku Kekkai /Usa, Yumeko
07 Yumemiru Otomewa Mutekidesho!?
08 Kowaresouna Koigokoro
09 Kimimo Clap Your Hands! / Mahiru, Nia, Nae, Iori
10 Gensou Koihanabi
11 Everybody Singin’ Singin’ Melody
12 Stand~Kokoniiruyo~ Hitomini Utsurunowa Moukyari Mix
13 Hajimariga Hajimaru
14 Omotenadeshiko Denshochu



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