To The Cutest Leader of Morning Musume.’14, Members Reveal Their Hearts On Blog

To The Cutest Leader of Morning Musume.’14, Members Reveal Their Hearts On Blog

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The leader of Morning Musume.’14, Sayumi Michishige, announced that she is going to leave Morning Musume.’14 and Hello! Project at the end of 2014 Autumn Concert Tour.

In response to the sudden announcement, the members of Morning Musume.’14 unveiled their hearts on their blogs.

Erina Ikuta updated her blog titling “It’s not fair”, semi-jokingly unveiled an episode that the leader made Ikuta cried, and wrapped up the post with “I won’t cry no more!!”.

Sayumin has been the leader of the group in the majority of the active period of many current members.

Haruka Kudo revealed her true heart “I don’t want Michishige-san to graduate from the group.”
She also expressed her determination “I think our mission is to carry what we’ve got from the great leader to the next generations.”

One of the current sub-leaders, Haruna Iikubo positively stated her thoughts. “I was taught so many things from Michishige-san verbally and non-verbally. I’ll continue to steal from her as much as possible by the time she’ll be gone. I want to be strong enough to change my heart from uneasy to be confident.”

The other sub-leader, Mizuki Fukumura, wrote as follows:

“My true heart is, still, I don’t know what to say.
Morning Musume.’14 is lead by Michishige-san.
For a long time, I have been filled with the thought that we have to make things without Michishige-san soon, we have to be ready for Morning Musume.’14 without Michishige-san…

But I kept failing to find suitable words for that.
Michishige-san, who can always say what she feels cool and very well, has been my star, my idol.
She means much more than that not only for me, but also for everyone in Morning Musume.’14.

I think her eyes tell everything happened to her 11 years in the group.

The time I watched her on TV when I was a little
The time I stood on the same stage with her, as Hello! Project Trainee
The time I was singing a song with her, as Morning Musume.
Even after MM became MM.’14, my longing for her got bigger and bigger by knowing the various aspects of Michishige-san.

What do our fans do now?
For them as well, I thought we should make a concert reliable.
I thought we should give her a stage just like her.

We all, including the members and the fans, were shining at the concert today.
The Michishige-san’s color light sticks were very beautiful.
Michishige-san was beautiful too.

I gave up stating my tons of mixed emotions..
But we work hard on what we can now.”

Well, it seems those members will probably be able to handle the graduation, but how about you?

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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