Miss iD Showcases! Upcoming Stars at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015!

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Miss iD Showcases! Upcoming Stars at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015!

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Miss iD Special Stage started on just time at HOT STAGE, the main stage of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015.

The moment the name of first artist was announced, HOT STAGE was immediately surrounded by a shout of joy. LADYBABY was it that attracted the most attention among miss iD girls. LADYBABY consists of Ladybeard, Rie Kaneko who won the grand-prix of miss iD2015 and Rei Kuromiya who was also nominated as miss iD2015.

Needless to mention, they sang the song “Nippon Manju” which was viewed more than 5 million times on youtube. They seemed very powerful and cute for their performance as audience did not notice that Rie had been sick just before TIF and could not join the practice.


Miss iD Special Medley

Junes☆Princess which Haruhi Nakajima, who won the personal prize for Miss iD 2015, belongs to, appeared on the stage. They livened up the audience by singing “DSK Jyokyoku”. Referring to phrases of famous songs, they made even those who did not know them involve in their atmosphere.

Next, chelmico came to the stage. chelmico is the hip-hop unit composed of MC RACHEL and MC MAMIKO. They had the audience swing themselves by their song.

After chelmico, Maison book girl which Aoi Yagawa, miss iD candidate, was attached, started singing “snow irony”. In the moment they started their stage, a certain kind of atmosphere was created as if the stage seemed to be their own live concert.

Also, petit pas! showed “Re:START”. Kokoro Shinozaki, candidate of miss iD 2015, led the audience with a powerful performance.

Lastly, Mikichu appeared on the stage. She sang “Idol no Himitsu” and “Frozen Strawberry”. Fans of Mikichu enjoyed so much her live concerts, shouting her name many times over. The atmosphere created by those artists introduced above was very filled with happiness but, as she left the stage, she said just one phrase that froze the audience. She said that she would take hiatus after her one-man concert at Shibuya club asia on October 24th. Her fans seemed to be so depressed with her decision.

New girl’s group, Zunne from JC-WC announced!

Jun Aonami and Rinne Yoshida appeared on the stage and released that they formed the unit called “Zunne from JC-WC”. They co-star in the movie “Jyoshi no Jiken wa Taitei Tiore de Okorunoda” which will be released in late August. The name comes from their nicknames, Zuntan and Rinne. The debut single ”14 sai no Oshiete” is produced by Seiko Omori and Kenta Sakurai.


Birthday Celebration for Karin Maruyama!

Karin Maruyama is an idol who passed away on May 22nd, 2015 from lung cancer. She applied to miss iD 2013 from a hospital bed. She eagerly desired to stand on the stage of Tokyo Idol Festival. Also, August 2nd, the date this stage was conducted, is the birthday of Karin. To celebrate her birthday, Miss iD members sang her debut song “Eternal Summer” followed by “Happy Birthday”. With her movie on the screen, her song moved the audience there including her mother came from Fukushima to see the stage. Her dream to stand on the stage finally came true.

After the emotional celebration, all the Miss iD members came on the stage and sang the Miss iD anthem ”ColorfuLoop”. This song starts with recital by Jun Aonami. The lyrics encourage girls who want to be an idol, even though they think that they are not cute. With Yufu Terashima, Anna Tamai from PASSPO☆, Kyoka from Yumemiru Adolescence, and so on, the stage was filled with idols and seemed to finish with happiness.

The Miss iD SPECIAL STAGE did not finish by “”ColorfuLoop”. Vampillia appeared with Rie Kaneko and Haruhi Nakajima to announce the movie “Ii nioi no Suru Eiga”. Possession Mongoloid, main vocal of Vampillia, brought and mounted a stepladder on the audience seat. He performed their song with leaving idol fans behind. Another member, micci the mistake, tried to sing “1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo” but after its introduction, the music was stopped and miss iD special stage finished with some bewilderment.


At TIF, a certain stage likely achieves legendary status and miss iD SPECIAL STAGE which moved and surprised us so much might be one of them that does.

Miss iD is the audition to look for unique girls who fit for a coming age. Its title “iD” comes from the words, “iDentity” and “iDol”. This audition began in 2012 and discovered many talents who work in the forefront today. For example, Tina Tamashiro won the grand-prix in 2012 and she is now an exclusive fashion model for vivi.

Entries for Miss iD 2016 will be accepted until 11:59pm (JST) August 9, 2015. Nationality does not matter for the entry, so if you are interested, it might make you an idol!

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Photo by Keiichi Takagi

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