Grand Prix of “miss iD (idol) 2014” goes to Aonami Jun!!

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Grand Prix of “miss iD (idol) 2014” goes to Aonami Jun!!

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A unique idol excavation audition “miss iD 2014” was published in the weekly magazine “Friday” on September 21, Aonami Jun 12 years old, who is sixth-grade elementary school in Miyagi Pref., won the Grand Prix.
The chairman of the Committee, Kobayashi Tsukasa described Aonami, who was elected from 2714 applicants, “She is totally obscure 12 yo girl. She’s like a fawn that was just born. She can’t smile, neither pose in front of a camera. She has a quiet voice which would not be suitable for show business. However, I’ve watched all of the selection committee held their breath not to miss even one move by her. I felt that everyone there has witnessed a legend.

Aonami is 156 centimeters tall. Her hobby is drawing an illustration. She is good at impersonating Japanese famous TV host Kuroyanagi Tetsuko. Favorite confectionery is “OREO”. She is aiming to be a voice actor in the future. Through several interviews with the selection committee, she was elected from “MID35” which is a name for 35 finalists announced in August.

In addition to the Grand Prix, semi Grand Prix of “miss iD 2014” went to Inamura Ami, Koyama Sakura, Terashima Yufu, Matilda, Motomiya Hatsune, and Rachel. Also, Nakamura India, Hino ayumi, Hosokawa Yui were elected for a special prize “Let’s talk about idols tomorrow”. Aonami and the prize winners will appear at an event to be held in October.

The “miss iD” award is an audition that has been held since last year for the purpose of excavation and training of idols. 526 people applied last year. Tamashiro Tina was elected to the Grand Prix last year.

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written by Yuji Hara

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