Application Period for Miss iD 2018 Audition Begins!

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Application Period for Miss iD 2018 Audition Begins!

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Miss iD, the audition that uncovers the “girls of the next generation” has started again with Miss iD 2018! The catchphrase for the event is “Loneliness will change the world”.

Miss iD is an audition hosted by Kodansha which looks for unique girls to produce as idols. The “iD” in the name has a double meaning of identity, and idol.

Joining the panel of celebrity judges for the first time are model Yui Kanno, gravure idol Yuka Kuramochi, and erotic writer Mana Sakura!

The application period runs from April 1, 2017 12:00am (JST) until May 14, 2017 11:59pm (JST). Any female between the age of 12 and 35 (born between April 2, 1982 and April 1, 2006) is eligible to apply, regardless of nationality, past experience, or marital status.

It doesn’t matter if your specialty is gravure, acting, modeling, singing, dance, manga, anime, gaming, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essays, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, cooking, songwriting, DJing, making YouTube videos, or even taking selfies. As long as there is something that you feel like only you can do, there is a chance to succeed!

Miss iD 2018 website :

Below are the English translation of the entry form. You can write application in English if you don’t know how to write in Japanese.

-The fields with blue stars () will be open to the public, so please take it into consideration.
-The fields with “必須” are mandatory.

re-re-miss-id-2017-entry-01 re-re-miss-id-2017-entry-03 re-re-miss-id-2017-entry-02

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