Mirin Furukawa to Spread Her Wings in 1st Solo Photobook “irotoridori”!

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Mirin Furukawa to Spread Her Wings in 1st Solo Photobook “irotoridori”!

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Following close behind the release of Moga Mogami‘s “ Artbook (1) Poison”, Mirin Furukawa will be making her solo photobook debut with “ Artbook (2) irotoridori” (release date: January 6)!


While behind the scenes photos have yet to be revealed, Furukawa is taking full advantage of the opportunity to show her love for her feathered friends. It was made known that there are scenes where she is pictured with 15 chirping chicks and wrapped in a rubber suit as she frolics with a penguin. Chizuru Abe, known for her fashion photography, is behind the camera to document the hatching of Mirin Furukawa’s solo photobook debut. Perhaps when she does another one, fellow bird-lover Akane Takayanagi (SKE48) could be the photographer?

Keeping with the concept of providing art appreciation in a handheld format, “irotoridori” will be released in a compact palmtop size.

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