Is it Okay to Love Takamina? Minami Takahashi SHOWROOM Live Broadcast Coming Soon!
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Minami Takahashi, formerly AKB48‘s General Manager, will be commemorating her first solo album “Aishitemo Ii desuka?” (release date: October 12) with a special live broadcast on SHOWROOM October 11th!

From 7:00pm to 10:00pm (JST), Takahashi will be promoting her album and talking about its merits. However, it won’t just be her the entire time; several surprise guests will be stopping by! Who could it be? Atsuko Maeda? Haruna Kojima? Some other past or present AKB48 members? You’ll have to watch and see!

“Aishitemo Ii desuka?” will be released in a limited CD/DVD version and a regular CD version. The DVD includes the MV for “Kagami yo Kagami” and a special interview with Takahashi titled “Takamina ni Tsuite Ikimasu ~25-sai to aru 1-nichi~”.

Track List

01 Kagami yo Kagami
03 Aishikute Koishisugite
04 Tinkle
05 Yume Uru Shojo ja Irarenai
06 Egao
07 Katsudon in da house
08 Unbalance
09 Watashi no Shoumei
10 Kiss Miss Kiss
11 Itsuka
12 Ano Sora (bonus track)

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