Life Goes On. Ex MM Member Nozomi Tsuji provides advice on Marriage to Ai Takahashi

Life Goes On. Ex MM Member Nozomi Tsuji provides advice on Marriage to Ai Takahashi

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Idol fans hope forever the happiness of the idol who they were really into.

Even after many years from graduation, it is happy to see or hear the idol gets along with members who once spent very busy days together.

On February 17, ex Morning Musume. 4th generation member Nozomi Tsuji appeared in the inaugural ceremony of the one-day PR manager for “Aoiro Shinkoku Kai Tax Return Start Campaign” took place in Tokyo, then unveiled that she had talked for a long time with Ai Takahashi, who is a 5th generation member of MM., about Takahashi‘s marriage.
Nozomi Tsuji spoke with a big smile, “Ai-chan had said she wanted to get married every time we met. I am so happy that her dream came true.”

Tsuji-chan also gave some advice to Ai-chan, “I think it must be the marriage after having a lot of serious consideration. I want you two to have a lot of arguments, to exchange feelings each other, and go deepen the relationship.”

When Ai-chan said that she wants to have three children in a future, Tsuji-chan answered, “I want to say out loud, there’s an incredible difference between raising two children and three.”

Also, when Tsuji-chan was asked who the next bride will be, “Among the elder members, Natsumi? It is going to be a natural pressure when our members begin to get married one after another. Although nothing heard from Natsumi or any members for now, I always welcome a good news.”

Again, we hope their happiness forever!!

Photo Source : Ai Takahashi’s official blog 

written by Yuji Hara

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