Ai Takahashi Celebrate the Release of Her 4th Photobook “i♡magazine”!

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Ai Takahashi Celebrate the Release of Her 4th Photobook “i♡magazine”!

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Ai Takahashi held a hand shaking event celebrating the release of her photo book “i ♡ magazine” on October 13, 2017.

“i ♡ magazine” is Ai’s 4th photo book released on the same day of the event. Takarajimasha, the publisher of this photo book, asked her to produce this photo book as an editor in chief. Having meetings many times with other editors, she succeeded to put herself into the photo book.

Ai Takahashi was a member of Morning Musume. but now she is regarded as one of the most influential icons in the fashion world. She has over 17.9 million followers in the app “WEAR” which introduces the fashion coordinate.



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