Japanese Mode ~Here we are~ : Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

Japanese Mode ~Here we are~ : Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

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From October 14th to October 19th, a fashion event called “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo” was taken place in Tokyo. In this event, Japanese prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) brands announce their new products.

This event is different from Girls Award, the fashion event which was introduced before (URL), and it is held twice a year in 70 countries around the globe.
I suppose this “Fashion Week” may be held in your country too.

Fashion Week is held by not only the support of Mercedes-Benz but also other fashion brands such as MYBELLINE NEW YORK, the brand everyone have once ever used as a make-up item to make the fashion more attractive.


This time at Japan Fashion Week, 37 brands did a fashion show for their new products, and we, TOKYOISM went to see their runway!

In the MTV AID JAPAN AWARD which was held in 2011, a designer of CHRISTIAN DADA, Masanori Morikawa is famous for designing a costume for LADY GAGA. However, this time, the famous rock band “KISS” came as a surprise guest and excited the audience.

We have never thought we would be able to see real KISS, so we were very surprised.


The runway of THEATRE PRODUCTS was taken place at a sweet room of one of the high-grade hotels in Japan. Bing able to have a runway in such a gorgeous place, I felt how wonderful the designer is.


In the runway of TAE ASHIDA, the royal family came to see it. I recognized again that the royal family wear this brand. We were very glad to see such a fabulous brand.


After we enjoyed the runway a lot, there was a bar at the exit of the hall, and there was a drinking service. Having a conversation of the fashion in the runway, this is one of the enjoyable way for fashionistas to spent time in the event. Japanese top models and actors come to see the newest fashion, so we could see them enjoying and chatting.


I believe Japan is famous for its Otaku culture, for example, idols and animes. However, the culture of fashion is becoming more and more popular, so it may not be long till Japan Fashion Week to be one of the famous world collection, following Paris, Milano, London and New York.
We have to keep an eye on Japan’s latest fashion!


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