Color Run is all the rage in Japan

Color Run is all the rage in Japan

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Color Run (, is an event which in the United States, they mobilized 1.5 million people in 25 countries around the world.

The concept is “the Happiest 5k on the Planet”, participants run the course of 5km while soaking up the colorful color powder.

At length, the event has come in Japan this year !

The other day, color runs was held in Tokyo German Village,
Fans looking forward to coming in Japan, and they have participated, it was a great success.


We had taken a photo which is wearing colorful sunglasses before the start!
Look forward to before and after.

When it begins, we were dyed color powder soon.

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Took commemorative photo with everyone after it was over!

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To participate with many good friends, laugh a lot,
take a lot of pictures, and then upload to SNS,
It is secret that enjoy Color Run until the end!

And in fact, the event where you can enjoy the “color” like “Color Run” is held in July.

That is Electric Run (

This is an event that you can enjoy dancing or running in the music with wearing shiny goods.

Carried out in the evening in near the sea, it must be able to enjoy comfortably japanese hot July!

Please try to join them!


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