Focusing on Tokyo Instagram Girls

Focusing on Tokyo Instagram Girls

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Recently, many girls in fashion love to play with Instagram.
Today I’m going to introduce three girls who use Instagram frequently.

1.”Princess NANO” A cook of very cute dishes and sweets @natan0806)

NANO is as pretty as a princess!
Her hobby is cooking.
Her pictures of dexterous dishes are very popular among many Instagram users.


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2. “NANAKO” A girl who wants to be a Korean @nanakomizuta)

Having an experience of studying abroad in LA, she loves fashion! Her latest fashions are based on an image of a Korean girl!
Her everyday coordinate is very cute:)


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3. “yuka” A genius of appealing herself @yaki_hida)

YUKA is very good at taking pictures if herself! She changes into various images depending on pictures.
Her picture taking skills are what girls want to learn!


726033184895 726033167361 726033167455 726033167904 726033146843 726033186076

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